Month: March 2013

Life and Experiences: How to Properly Meditate

When life throws you that unexpected curveball, it can be hard to think positively. By the simple act of meditation, you can rid your mind of negative thoughts while focusing on the importance of personal happiness. Meditating can help you battle stress, feel happier and solve problems in a calm, collected manner. Living in such a fast-paced world as we do, it is important to give your mind and body the proper attention it needs to facilitate complete happiness. The process of meditation challenges your mind to think in a slow and relaxed manner, which at first can be...

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Spice It Up: The Sensual Art of Erotic Massage

A massage is relaxing and pleasurable on any level but an erotic massage session enjoyed with the man in your life is a fab boost for spicing up your sex life. Here are some great techniques to try out and see what a difference it makes to your lovemaking. Head massage A head massage is a great place to start as it stimulates your energy centre, relieves any tension, whilst easing stress and bringing a general feeling of well-being, which will get you in the right frame of mind for the fun that is about follow. Take it in...

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The Time Has Come to Plan Your Holidays Right

More and more of us are seeking something different for our holidays. The safely predictable all-inclusive package to a hotel in the sun will no longer do. The article discusses some out of the ordinary alternatives. Right Plan for Holidays: Time for a change, there is absolutely nothing wrong with all-inclusive package holidays, nothing at all. They are convenient, good valued and they offer something for all the family. And all holidays are of worth as long as they fulfill certain criteria. They need to be enjoyable, interesting and above all memorable. More than a place to rest your head. On occasion, little...

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