Month: September 2012

Planning a Fantastic Hen Party

Do you have a best friend who has recently walked down the aisle and is now a happily married woman.  If so, you will have had the pleasure of being her maid of honor or perhaps a bridesmaid, and with these roles it will be down to you to organize the hen night.  I’m sure that people never really think about all the effort that hen parties take to arrange, but believe me you will learn pretty quickly. Things of arrangement are not many. But, they need to give a thought. If you have a hen night to organize,...

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The Reasons Behind Conflicting Psychic Readings

You are entering the psychic world, a place of mystery, magic, and things unseen. You come for a physic reading. Before doing this you looked for someone whom you feel would be most helpful. You sifted through the biographies of various psychics. You also looked at clairvoyant bios. As you are doing this, you wonder whether a psychic or clairvoyant will be best. A psychic is gifted and trained in reading your psychic energies. The Benefits of Getting a Psychic Reading: A clairvoyant is one who “sees clearly” and gets flashes or mental pictures of relevant information that can...

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A 7 Figure Compensation Payout for a Drunk Pedestrian – How?

There are many accidents that happen on the roads of the United Kingdom every year. Most of them involve vehicles hitting each other but there are a percentage of road accidents where pedestrians are injured. For a motorist this is their worst nightmare as the injuries will probably be more serious if not life threatening. This is a story about an accident that happened involving a drunk pedestrian and a vehicle travelling at speed where a seven figure compensation figure was paid out. Firstly what is the law on a vehicle hitting a pedestrian? In nearly all circumstances whether...

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The New Additive Which Could Prevent Weight Gain

Those engaged in the war against weight-gain may have a new ally to call on. Scientists have developed a new hunger suppressing powder, which can be added to yoghurts and smoothies. The new ‘anti-hunger’ powder contains a modified version of an existing food additive. The powder turns into a gel once it’s in the stomach and could help people shed those pesky pounds by making them feel fuller than they should after eating a small amount of food. The German company pioneering the product, Dow Wolff Cellulosics, worked extensively with a large number of volunteers. They were fed two...

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How to Find Out What You Want From Life

Chasing your dreams and going after what you want in life is reportedly the secret to happiness if you are to believe many source and particularly the plethora of feel-good Hollywood films. If you have a dream and you’ve always wanted to do something, then you shouldn’t let anything stop you – not money, not age and certainly not lack of self-belief. This is all very good and well though, but what do you do if you haven’t always had a dream? Or what do you do if you once had a dream to become an astronaut but it...

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