Month: March 2012

Four Ways For Your Family to be Frugal

1. Budget and Save Every household should have an idea of where their money is going each month. The best way to create a budget is to add up all monthly income and expenses. Use columns for bill names, due dates, amounts owed, amounts paid, and reference numbers when paying bills online. Once a budget is created, everyone can see how much money is required for expenses versus income. Then, I’d recommend opening a savings account. Deciding how much to deposit and how often can be determined by the budget your family has created. A few options for making...

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How to Commit to Your Marriage

Many people today have lost faith in the institution of marriage. Too many children have to live between two homes; breaking their holidays into a tug of war – who gets who on Christmas Eve and Christmas day? We end up with children with parents who won’t speak to one another, and parents with children who are rounding up their first divorce up. It may be a matter of the institution of marriage becoming too casual, too unplanned, or perhaps even fashionable to the point that couples are diving into a commitment because they feel it is time to...

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Five Ways to Deal with a Breakup and Also Post-breakup Blues

Whenever a relationship breaks, no matter how unhappy we felt in it, the post-breakup stage is the most painful. There are memories to deal with as well as a hole in one’s heart. Moving on is what wise counsel advises broken hearts to do. Easier said than done for how one goes about it. Firstly, the proved ‘out of sight out of mind’ is applicable. Get rid of those gifts that can cause memories to revive. Throw away those old clothes or trinkets you both bought. Or, at least keep them out of view. Memories can once more be...

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The Cost of Domestic Violence

It’s no secret that Americans are trying to save money, and it’s not just American households. The inclination to pinch every penny and to make sacrifices by saving instead of spending is taking place in City Hall and State Capitol buildings across the United States. Even the White House has opted for austerity with deep cuts to the federal budget in an attempt to curb the growing deficit. But the City of Topeka, Kansas, may have taken austerity to an extreme: The City Council has chosen to decriminalize domestic violence because it does not have the money to prosecute...

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Writing the Perfect Wedding Invitation

While you might not think it, some people get all flustered when it comes to writing the perfect wedding invitation. Who should the invite be from? How fancy do they have to be? These are just some of the questions many first time brides will be asking. Here, we look at the do’s – and don’ts – of writing the perfect wedding invitation: Who’s the Invite From? Traditionally, wedding invites are from the bride’s parents. The standard line of choice is often: “Mr and Mrs. Brown invite you to the wedding of their daughter Sarah Brown and John Smith.”...

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