Month: February 2012

3 Ways to Have Frugal Family Fun

My family has found a few ways to save while still having fun. We have done this by becoming tourists in our own city, inviting our friends to share costs with us, and deliberately choosing activities that are affordable for the entire family. Read on for specific recommendations. 1. Rediscover your city We are lucky enough to live near a beach, and we take advantage of it any time we can.  We usually time our trips early in the morning, which means that the beach is practically empty when we arrive.  We park a few blocks from the beach,...

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Fathers Building Up Mature Sons

Parenthood is tough. With all of the demands placed on a family, it can be difficult to know if you’re doing a good job or not. Sometimes earning enough money to support your family takes precedent over actually raising your children. However, how your kids grow up is solely your responsibility as a parent. Whether you’re raising your son by yourself or simply feel that a father’s influence is extremely important in a son’s life, you’ll want to raise your boy to grow into a mature adult. Take Your Own Advice Sometimes the best way to know what the...

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Fall Fashion Must Haves

As the seasons change throughout the year so do the clothes that we wear. Obviously they change in that we wear heavier or lighter clothes depending on the season, but we also change our style, the colors that we wear, and how we accessorize as well. For many people this is the fun and exciting part about the changing seasons, and then there are those individuals who literally live for the newest trends. And for those people there is a lot to live for this year. Everything about the fall fashion trends this year speak fall, with both vibrant...

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Does Your Child Need a Psychologist?

In the age of fast food, fast cars, and fast lives it is not uncommon to suffer from high stress levels. Even more so, it is not uncommon to hear about your friends and family consulting with a psychologist at some point. Though, it is not only adults who need the help of a well-qualified psychologist to deal with their emotional problems, today even children may require the services of a child psychologist. Children today live in a different world than previous generations, schooling, technology, bullying and other distractions can lead to children being under intense stress and even...

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Prepare for Your Children’s Future Early

Many parents start thinking about their hopes and dreams for their children long before they are even born, and these homes and dreams only grow with time. Of course, you don’t want to just hope your child has a great life filled with happiness, love, security, and success. You want to take steps today to help make those dreams you have for your child come true through planning, enrichment, and more. Life Insurance Life insurance is often considered for its death benefits, but the fact is that it can be a great financial planning tool for you, too. For...

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