Month: December 2011

What Irritates You the Most? See the 10 Most Irritating Things

Certain things or circumstances really make you sick. You’ll agree to this later the article. 😛 You just wait for the time to pass by and endure what happen around you. You feel liking hitting yourself to be in those situations. But, gosh!! you can’t help being through it. This almost happens with almost everyone, isn’t it. I too feel irritated with certain deeds around me. I’ve complied some of the common activities of human beings, which can actually make people banging his head or sneering out. Some of them are funny too. 🙂 So, here are 10 of them...

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Friends and Foes: Their significance in Our Lives

Friends and foes, though they start with the same letter, are completely different in significance in our lives. In reality, we yearn to have good friends only. I understand that only good and compassionate friends can beautify our lives. The people who we think are our enemies can only make our lives hell. We ignore them or just fight them, don’t we? But, if you believe in light and darkness, you also have to admit that both the aspects of human beings in the form of friends or foes, have a significance in our lives. In modern time, we...

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