Month: November 2011

A Home can be a House but, a House cannot be a Home Always

You might have heard the saying,”Home home sweet home,there is no place like home.” Does it stand true? Yes, it does. A home is a place where we are born, where we learn to live, laugh and get the basics of life. It may be a humble cottage, but it’s always heavenly for the dwellers. Our sweetest of memories reside here. We grow under the very care and nurture of our parents. Our first playmate are brothers and sisters. Every heart leaps with joy in a home. A home provides you with all the comfort you aspire, and at...

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How Much Do You Think You Should Earn?

A million dollar question? How much should you earn in your life? How much is enough for you? The more money, the better life? Is that so? In fact, nobody knows how much is sufficient for a better life. Why? Because nobody knows what a better life is. Yes, few are aware that a life with loads of money might be more miserable than that which has little. Now, we will go into the core of the topic, ‘How much money is enough?’ Let me share a story with you which I read in my childhood. It can be...

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