Month: October 2011

Personality Development Tips: How to Brighten it up

Every person has a personality. We tend to remark at times, “he has a superb personality; she has a pleasing personality; I don’t like his personality at all; what a personality he is! and so on.” Well, each individual wears a personality and one is different from another. (I assume you too think like this.) Anyway, if we go by this, then how we can make our personality acceptable and pleasing to others. What is Personality? Personality is the combination of qualities or characteristics of a person that make him or her distinctive. As we find in Wikipedia, a...

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Ingredients of Love – What Love is Made of

When we enter adolescence, we like to be with someone opposite to our sex. This is very natural. A boy will get friendlier with a girl and vice versa. Then this feeling escalates to a sublime emotion, which we like to call ‘Love’. However, few are aware of true love in life. Whenever a girl and a boy begin liking each other, they name it Love’. But love is not just liking each other or being together for a short or long time. It is a commitment and a sense of responsibility towards love. I am talking about love,...

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