Month: September 2011

A Smile – How it Affects Your Lives and When You Need to Smile

A smile is a curved line which puts everything straight. Wow!! Nice statement, isn’t it? Do you believe in the saying? I do. A smile costs nothing but has invaluable price. It has a huge potential to turn things around, to make good things better, to bring in life in the lifeless. Believe it or not, a smile has an amazing effect around us. He who smiles always leaves a mark wherever he goes. A person becomes alluring when he smiles. He cheers up his surroundings by just passing a smile and is likable by everyone. He is always serene, sanguine and...

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‘Self Analysis’…. Do we do it at times?

In our everyday life we do a lot of things; sometimes good and sometimes bad, don’t we? Anyway, we at times speak foul, think bad of someone and so. Then we sit alone and think of those acts. Right? You feel so?  Well, we do feel bad for things which we did not want to do but maybe, circumstances force us thinking or doing so. But, we think and say sorry to us and God. This is okay. If we give a pre-thought to our actions or emotions in a particular situation, (such as how cool we must be or...

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A Million Dollar Question….Can Girls Be Best of Friends?

Hi, this post is another one from my quasi-extinct blog. But, I thought of reposting the article again with modifications. A bit controversial it may sound, (especially, girls may dislike me for this …LOL), however, it’s a topic worth raising. So, check this out. Friendship is a beautiful and enjoyable bond, isn’t it? I’ve already talked about friendship between a boy and girl. Now, we all know that friends are the best people to share things with and to confide things in. They stand by you in your weal and woes, contribute to your happiness, and take a lion’s...

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Love and Relationship: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I  strongly believe ‘Love and relationship’ goes hand in hand. Where there’s love, there establishes a relationship and if there’s no love, a relationship can just never be imagined. So, we can say love is the foundation of any relationship, can’t we?  Love finds its completion in a relationship. But, relationships must be nurtured from the very beginning with care; if not, they are likely to get rotten away in in the course of time. Just as plant needs water, sunlight and manures to grow up into a healthy tree, relationship too needs love, care and respect to grow...

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‘True friendship’ Between a Girl and a Boy…Does It Actually Exist?

Friendship to me is an unconditional bond between two or many people. It does not require any compulsory commitment in return from the one who are our best friends. In friendship, we love to spend time with one another and share everything we can. We develop intriguing feelings amongst ourselves which we love to cherish and do not let it go down. A friend finds an aide and confidant in a person whom he calls his best buddy. He feels very relaxed and secure to part with all his secrets, his personal and social feelings, emotions, commitment, and so...

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