Today the use of round leather cords in the field of fashion has become very common because of its multiple uses, and it gets fit with any fashion. Whether you are making casual bracelets or the high-profile jewelry the use of the round leather cords is increasing day by day in making many things of daily use. As a raw material, there are some uses of the round leather cords which the normal people don’t know and might be interested in listening to them. Materials like these don’t restrict their uses to one field, but they can be used in many products making and developing and providing a firm base to a number of lines of product. Round leather cords are an interesting material and in what things they are used should be known by the ones who are planning to use it.

Things in which the round leather cords are used:

Covering a number of a variety of uses, round leather cords are used in different types of products. Some of them are mentioned below if one has an interest in knowing what exactly the use of it is and how do they affect and make a product better.

  1. Adorning the main base

The main purpose of the round leather cords is to make the products like leather jackets, trekking shoes, caps and bracelets look more attractive and eye-catching to the eyes of the viewers. With right kind of color combination, many experiments can be done with different cords to make the product innovative by trying different color and sizes. If someone has the business in the line of such products, Experiments like these may call for innovation and better sales of the products.

  1. Manufacturing of certain leather items

With the help of the round leather cords, a certain line of leather products is also manufactured including leather fabrics, beads, buckle blankets, buttons, ribbons, fringes, and flowers. All these are created with the round leather cords as their firm base providing the products with some advantages like durability and presentation. All this factor counts for the liking of the product among the common masses.

What sizes does it come in?

The size of the cords is divided into four parts including the sizes like 1mm, 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 3mm. All the four sizes are available in in the bifurcation of 10m, 25m, 50m, and 100 m. The customer may compare the level of thickness he or she wants to have and may also consider the length he or she wants.

So, with all the information about the round leather cords accumulated, it can be said that these materials are being used in many of the products these days; still, most of the producers are unaware of these fruitful raw materials which come so cheaply to them. In the coming time, things like these will replace 90% of the raw materials of the fashion industries having such multi uses.

Round leather cords are an interesting material and in what things they are used should be known by the ones who are planning to use it.The use of braided leather cord in garments creates an image that is refined yet stylish and suitable for every occasion. Available in 4, 6 or 8 Flat plies hand crafts using cotton rope to give the strength. Available in solid color or multi-color, there is nothing like it anywhere. Perfect for trim, jewelry, purse or bag handles, edging, rope, etc…. the uses are endless.