The pandemic has made all of us hoarders, either its tissues or kinds of pasta. Most of us have stocked up on these items. Ordering things virtually became a norm. Even truffles can be ordered online. The next step is to store the fresh truffles that you have bought.

All of them are not going to be used at once. Therefore, preserving truffles will save them from decaying. It is a relatively easy and less technical process. We have researched and found stress-free methods to store truffles bought online. Let’s get reading then, shall we?

Refrigerate Truffles

One of the easiest ways to store fresh truffles is by refrigerating them. Some people manage to mess it up by not keeping it in an air-tight container. The truffles should be wrapped in blotting paper that should be changed every day. Only then will the truffles last up till a week.

A fascinating way of storing fresh truffles is to put them with eggs. By doing so, eggs absorb the flavor of truffles that you can relish later. But, if you want to store online ordered truffles for even longer, then freezing them is a better option.

There is not much difference between refrigerating and freezing truffles as an air-tight container is required in both situations. The time duration is longer as fresh truffles last up to six months in this method.

Truffles ordered online need to be thoroughly cleaned before freezing. Before using, they should be defrosted. Otherwise, the truffles are tasteless and unbreakable. These two aspects need to be considered when freezing fresh truffles.

Use Truffles as Oil, Butter or even Salt

Italians are experts when it comes to using ingredients in a variety of ways. Fresh truffles are no exception. Oils that are made in industries have an artificial taste and scent. Making truffle oil at home is not a challenging task.

It is one of the best methods to preserve any truffles from black to white. Truffles oil can be mixed with olive oil that lasts up to three months. The scent starts to fade away after it.  One of the most common mistakes that individuals make is storing truffle oil in the fridge overcast. The oil needs to be stored at room temperature.

It is a diverse and gorgeous ingredient that can be used in many ways, such as truffle sauce pasta, which is a delicacy and comfort food. Making truffle butter is easy, although most people get intimidated by it.

The truffles ordered online can be mixed in any butter. Black truffles are a better choice in comparison to white truffles as they are more flavorful. The butter can be made quickly as it is an excellent addition to the menu.

Are you out of salt and cannot find an alternative? Well, worry not, truffles home delivery has you covered. Cut the truffles into thin slices and add them like salt. It will make the meal more textured aside from salty. Truffles make cooking easier.

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