The technology is revolutionizing with every passing day. It has taken the businesses to the industry 4.0 age. It is a new and modern way of doing business. It is offering an interlinked system of technology that will not only revive the mode of operations but also the product quality. It is a kind of internet of things and cloud-based technology that will make business operations look different from its earlier forms. It is a machine-based system that will gather, process, and analyze data across machines to make operations look smarter and productive. It will reduce costs while producing higher quality goods and services at the same time. It is going to foster industrial growth as we are likely to see a positive shift in economics. But besides it all, it is also going to change the profile of the workforce. The people of this age will have to quickly adopt the changes to remain relevant in the industry. It will have unique effects on the competitiveness of an entity. Today, one needs to focus on technology-related business instead of looking for a convenient way of doing business. The following 13 unique business ideas in technology age 4.0 can surely help people in their business endeavors. It is easy to start a business with the use of technology-aided tools, and a website which you can get with a discounted hosting.

Cloud Sourcing

The companies will be looking for cloud sourcing instead of outsourcing in the age of technology 4.0. Companies will require hosting websites and will have to get app support as well. The online data storage will also remain a top priority of the modern-day companies. Hence cloud sourcing or cloud computing can prove to be a fine tech startup idea for an entrepreneur. The IT-based solutions can be offered at a minimum of cost. One just requires buying computers to make it happen. A bunch of IT experts can simply serve the purpose.

Online Advertising Agency

The next in our list of 13 unique business ideas in technology age 4.0 is online advertisement agency setup. One should think of developing an online advertising agency in this age instead of getting a license for a conventional creative boutique. Opening an online ad agency is a great tech start-up of the idea without any exaggeration. It has huge growth potential.

SEO and Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing services can be offered with a minimum of effort while they can earn you thousands of bucks overnight. It is one of the unique business startup ideas in technology 4.0 age. Companies are looking for SEO experts to highlight their online presence and writers who can produce quality.

Digital Marketing and SMM

One should think of digital marketing instead of developing campaigns for conventional marketing. No one is there to listen to conventional campaigns as people can only be found online nowadays. Social media marketing is a viable concept in the age of industry 4.0.

Web Designing and Web Hosting

It will be all about the website from hereon. Hence, developing a web designing and web hosting platform is indeed one of the really unique business startup ideas in 2020. One can make a good amount of money by offering these services.

Online Accounting Tools

One can offer online accounting services with the use of software tools. Some wonderful apps can be used to help people store and manage their financial details. It can offer error-free accounting to companies in the industry 4.0 era.

Mobile App Development Service

One of the 13 unique business ideas in technology age 4.0 is mobile app development. Billions of people are using smartphones across the global village and to transform the business into this age one requires having fine class mobile apps. Offering mobile app development is indeed a good business startup idea.

Infotech Shop

Setting up an info tech shop is another wonderful information age business idea. This can prove to be the best of the information age business ideas for an entrepreneur. One can set up an info tech store to sell apps and services. One can also offer software solutions at such a store.

Cloud-based Phone Service

The cloud technology will no more be limited to the websites. It is already being used over billions of smartphones across the globe. You can also help business entities in making their business communication look more effective by offering mobile-based cloud service.

IT Equipment Service

All the IT-based apps and other products are used to hang at times. The viruses are always there to make people feel the heat. Therefore you can offer solutions to all the IT-based problems. It can help you earn a good amount of bucks.


Ever thought of an e-library that can offer educational and training content on digital media? Yes, it is possible to store and manage data on digital media nowadays. You can also use this one of the best information age business ideas to make your dreams come true.

Ecommerce Platform

The commerce will be Ecommerce in no time. Things have already started to change to a greater extent. Setting up an eCommerce platform is one of the best 13 unique business ideas in technology age 4.0. It will help you sell your stuff while you can also offer online stores to other business entities. It will be a technology-aided sales point.

 Tech Consulting

People will require IT-based solutions as well as tech consulting for growth and development in the technology age 4.0. It is always good to offer tech consulting on a broader scale to make money at this age. It is one of the best tech business ideas in 2020 without any exaggeration.

The above-explained 13 best business ideas in the industry 4.0 era can be executed easily. One can make a handsome amount of bucks by applying these ideas in real life. The next era will be an IT-based automated era where simulations and cloud solutions will be in operation. Things like industrial internet of things, cyber security and cloud sourcing will remain in business from hereon.