Developed by google, AngularJS is a client-side front-end framework that helps in creating some of the greatest web solutions establishing a mark in the technical world. It is one of the best frameworks that is used for developing web applications. With technical platter expanding its horizons we have companies who are grabbing this opportunity to provide promising web solutions.The web page takes you to one such company’s services and efficiency that they offer to its clients with generosity. There are many such IT companies who look forward to providing the finest of AngularJS services as well as the option of outsourcing developers.

A developer should not only be well acquainted with the AngularJS framework but should also know Javascript and the basics of HTML and CSS. Apart from these a developer should also be familiar with the tools that make the entire development process tranquil and convenient in nature. With oodles of AngularJS tools floating the technical market, there are some which cannot be ignored. Let me walk you through some of the AngularJS development tools that will make the development process memorable and even more exciting.

Essential AngularJS Tools

1. NG-Inspector: This tool would help in adding an inspector pane which would help to debug, develop and understand your AngularJS application. By making extensive use of controllers and directives it helps in identifying and displaying the scope.

2. Mean: MongoDB, Node.js, Express and AngularJS apps can be perfectly molded with this boilerplate.

3. WebStorm: An amazing tool that has a live editor that shows the edits without the need of it being refreshed from time and again. WebStorm allows you to use them for HTML as well as CSS. Moreover, the newer version allows you to carry the plugin that could be used in your project.

4. Angular Deckgrid: A light-weight grid that perfect for all the all the angularJS web solutions that are nor dependent on visual presentation.

5. Angular UI: A multitude of essential UI components that help in the application development process. Built with AngularJS, its utility directives accelerates the development process. Apart from the UI components it also consists of raw directives.

6. Generator Angular: One can speed up the development process with a few terminal commands that help in creating a dynamic web application. Generator Angular automatically creates development server, unit and framework testing, view, directives and much more that initiates a smooth development process.

7. Angular Gettext: A great tool for application development. It makes localization as easy as possible. One can easily translate the web app by making extensive use of Angular Gettext.

8. Mocha.js: Mocha.js is a javascript framework that runs on node.js is used for testing. It is loaded with features that make it even more likable in nature. Asynchronous testing is made possible along with accurate reporting and mapping.

9. SublimeText: A text editor that can be adapted to any kind of programming environment. It has customizable code snippets that accentuate its functionalities. It makes the entire coding process smooth and the developers love this quality of Sublime Text.

10. Karma: A testing tool developed for angularJS developers that work by opening browsers listed in the configuration file which is then communicated with the active browsers. Karma is an exceptional test runner that could be used with all other Javascript framework. Unit testing, midway testing and E2E testing are very well adhered to with this testing tool.

11. Jasmine: This famous tool can be used for Behaviour Driven Development as well as for Test Driven Development. Jasmine does not only rely on browsers, DOM or any Javascript framework.


These are some of the most tempting angularJs development tools that not only creates great results but also makes the journey memorable. Are you planning to hire an efficient AngularJS developer who knows the ins and outs of the development process? You could visit the sites of many IT companies that offers the AngularJS services as well as outsourcing AngularJS developers.