Got a new property? Automatic gates are an attractive and practical way to secure that property. Other than added curb-appeal and convenience, these gates would also add value to your asset.

So, once you’ve made the decision to purchase electric gates for your home, it’s time to find a company to install them.

Thanks to the internet, finding a company online is easier than ever before. But there are a few important things to consider before hiring a company. Other than reading online reviews of companies, there are important elements to consider.

An electric gates installation is a big deal. A lot of thought and research should be put into finding the right person for the job. Here are tips that would help you choose a good company to install the gate.

1. Response Times:

How responsive is the company to your online inquiry? Consider if they responded in a timely fashion and were quick to answer any follow-up questions.

2. The Quote:

Did the companies provide fast and clear quotes online, outlining exactly what the job entails and how much it will cost?

3. The Staff:

Whether you find an online company and deal directly with the owner or a member of the sales team, consider if they felt considerate and honest. Think about how you got along with them during the initial contact. You should always aim to work with a company you’re comfortable with, especially should questions or problems come up during the installation.

4. Understanding:

No doubt, you have a vision of how your electric gate should be installed. When contacting online companies, tell them your vision and make sure they are on the same page. Find out if they can offer a service and installation that fits your vision for your new driveway gate system.

5. Turnaround Time:

How busy are the companies you’re contacting online? Are they able to install your electric gates in the time frame that most suits you?

6. Size Of The Company:

Larger companies have the resources, whereas smaller companies will ensure a more personal service, not losing you in the daily shuffle.

7. Knowledge:

When you dealt with the owner or salesperson of the installation company, did you feel they were suitably knowledgeable? Were they able to clearly and concisely answer your questions and make suggestions?

8. All-Inclusive Estimate:

When you receive a quote, it should include everything needed for the job, including labor, safety devices, emergency access and reversing devices.

9. Open To Working With Other Contractors:

Some companies want to provide a full service, and others are happy to work with your preferred mason, designer, contractor, and electrician.

10. Price Range:

While price shouldn’t be your only deciding factor, you do need to compare different online companies and their quotes. Try to avoid the lowest bid. If there’s a massive difference in price between several bids you request, determine what the cause of the difference is. Perhaps one quote excludes something that others include. Perhaps one estimate includes power and the others don’t. The whole point is to compare apples to apples.


Overall, though, finding an online company for your gate installation should involve looking through reviews to see what other people have to say about a company and the service. After all, word of mouth is best!