If you think that hiring a portable toilet is only necessary for a big festival like Glastonbury then think again. There are in fact a huge number of occasions when hiring one, or more, could be necessary, and some of them may not occur to most people until that situation occurs.

1. Broken Toilet

For anyone living in a house with just one toilet, the unimaginable nightmare is of course what do you do it that toilet breaks; especially if you need to wait a few days for a plumber to replace it. Most companies have portable toilets available to hire at short notice and for a short period, getting you out of a very difficult situation.

2. Corporate Event

If you are holding a corporate event you will want to make sure that the image your company projects is one people remember for all the right reasons, don’t be caught short when it comes to making sure you have enough facilities for the number of attendees you have.

3. Country Show

Many country shows are held in the countryside a good distance from any facilities so it is important to make sure that you provide enough toilet facilities for all the people who are likely to attend. If you don’t have toilets they are more likely to only stay for a short time.

4. Building Renovations

If you remodelling your home then there is a good chance your bathroom and loo will be out of action, it is worth considering portable toilet hire for the duration of the building work (it will also stop the contractor’s tracking mud into the house as well!).

5. Certified Location Campsite (CL)

A small 5 caravan sized basic site privately owned and run exclusively for members of a caravan club. CL’s are only required to provide water, waste disposal and refuse facilities. Many sites have made themselves more popular by hiring portable toilets during peak season to provide campers with better facilities.

6. Construction Sites

It is vital for construction site managers to make sure there are adequate facilities for all employees. Portable toilets that can be hired for a short space of time, or in the case of larger developments a longer period offer the perfect solution.

7. Garden Party

There is nothing better during the long hot days of summer than attending a garden party; a chance to socialise and mingle with the other guests in an outdoor setting, a glass of something chilled in one hand. There is nothing worse than having to queue to use the limited facilities. Portable toilets can be hired for a short period making them perfect for one day occasions like this.

8. Wedding

A lot of planning can go into a wedding, making sure you have the right venue, the right dress and even the right bridesmaids. If you are planning on holding your reception in a marquee then don’t forget as well as organising the food, drink and entertainment it is important to provide enough facilities for your guest by hiring enough portable toilets or maybe a luxury toilet block for your guests.

9. Birthday Party

If you are planning a special birthday party with lots of guests don’t forget to make sure you have enough facilities to cope with all those extra guests.

10. Music Festival

Finally, festivals, often held in the open air in the middle of a big field, can sometimes be lacking when it comes to providing facilities. Make sure that you have plenty of portable toilets on site to cater for all those festival goers, who will not want to be away from the music for long.