Planning for the big day? Every wedding is special and this only happens once in a lifetime. If you want your wedding day stand out and memorable, here are 10 smart ways to make your wedding special that will surely be unforgettable for you and for your guests.

1. Have a custom-made wedding ring

Wedding rings symbolize the union of a fully-wed couple. It serves as a reminder of their faith and love for each other to eternity. If you want to make your wedding special, why not have a custom-made wedding ring. Try having a fingerprint design wedding band with a design of a heart instead of engraving your names on it. Or why not have a short and sweet wedding vow engraved inside your wedding rings. There are a lot of ideas out there for personalized wedding bands that match your unique personalities.

2. Make Your Aisle Runner Stand Out

The first thing that your guests will see at your wedding ceremony is your aisle. Make your wedding looking smart and unique by making your aisle runner fabulous or simple yet memorable. As you walk down the aisle, make it seem like you are traveling down the memory lane on how both of you as a couple met, pictures of your dates and important events all laid down on a personalized aisle runner. Or if you want it to be simple with a personal touch, have your initials printed on the aisle runner along with the date of your wedding day. Another cool idea is choosing some cool designs and patterns based on both of your personalities.

3. Create Personalized Seating Arrangements

Planning where your guests will be seated is a daunting task so why not make it easier by building seating charts instead. Make your guest know where they will be seated accordingly by writing their names on a chalkboard. Or have their names printed out in the small cut out squares with a designated table number for the guests? Another unique way to make your guests enjoy their stay as they wait in line to pick their seat is by having camera stations where they can take pictures like a Polaroid photo. A good reminder is to consider your wedding theme to match your guests’ escort table cards.

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4. Plan A Ravishing Reception

After the ceremony, take your guests to another level by impressing them with a ravishing reception. Coordinate with your wedding planner on how you wanted your reception to look like. Is it rustic in style, seasonal, luxurious or just plain minimalistic? Having a picture-perfect wedding reception makes your wedding feel special and remarkable. Choose a theme that matches your personality as your reception serves as the center stage for your wedding celebration.

5. Serve Well-Thought-Out Food

You will feel happy and contented if you and your guests get to taste fabulous food. Make sure your guest won’t be hungry or disappointed with their food. Choose a catering service that provides quality service to serving your food. You can also talk to them about ideas you want to serve them and have food tasting tests that suites to your liking. You can also create your own wedding reception menu with tasty food and drinks for a memorable party. Have a snack bar station serving cookies and bread or sweet treats for your guests. Make sure to place drink stands where they can choose their own drinks from lemonades to ice teas or cocktails.

6. Place A Children’s Station

Make your wedding fun by placing a kid’s station for your young guests. You also want them to enjoy your wedding. You can set up a separate table for them with snacks and crayons for them to be entertained. Have them busy with pre-packed kits filled with activity booklet or coloring books with a wedding theme. You can make them feel welcome by incorporating games like playing a heart-shaped piñata or a video game station.

7. Make Your Guestbook Memorable

Have a lasting impression and a memory to take with you when you move into your new home with a unique wedding guest book. This is a great way to look back and remember the people who came to celebrate your wedding with you. Invite your guests to write personal messages on small pieces of pebbles or a Jenga piece puzzle. Or why not station a Polaroid camera and have them write their special messages to you at the back of their photos. Since it’s already the 21st century, why not use your gadgets as well like letting your guest leave a video message on an Ipad or video recorder.

8. Personalize Your Wedding Favors

Give your guests a token of appreciation through carefully thought out party giveaways. There are a lot of ideas out there to choose from depending on your theme, season or use. You can provide cute succulent plants they’ll cherish for the years to come or cute kitchen wares like like teaspoons, dishes, mugs or salt and pepper shaker. Have quotes or have your wedding initials printed on your tokens for a personal touch.

9. Include Social Media In Your Wedding

Using your social media is a unique way to make your wedding day memorable. You can let your guests post tweets and instagram using your own hashtag. Or why not have a live feed using snapchat or facebook live for family members to view if they can’t attend your wedding. You can take selfies with guests to capture your own moments at a time but make sure not to overdo it. You should enjoy your wedding day to be in touch with the people who matter most to you.

10. Surprise Your Guests With Entertainment

Wow your guests with a dance performance or a cool musical band to get them entertained. You can also hire a cool magician to delight the crowd including your younger guests. To keep your guest entertained you can also ask a local artist or a caricaturist to draw an on-the-spot drawings or guest. You can then end your wedding day with a bang by staging a glorious fireworks display to surprise your guests.


Whatever you have planned for your wedding, make sure to make it your own and memorable not just for you but also for everyone who will celebrate the big day with you.