Find out why you might need senior care in your later years, to help you regain the quality of life you deserve.


Senior care is something that most of us do not want to think about unless we need to. However, it is essential for maintaining or regaining a good quality of life for many, and there may already be signs that you require some help either physically or emotionally. The sooner that you can identify the need for change, the sooner you can start taking steps to improve your life.


Senior care does not mean you have to move into a residential care home. There are other options such as sheltered accommodation, warden-assisted homes, live-in care and homecare services.


Here are 10 signs that you need senior care:


  • Your House Is Starting To Get Messy

A messy house when you always kept it tidy, is a really good sign something needs to change. Mobility issues, pain, depression or a lack of energy are just some reasons a person may struggle to maintain their home well. A messy home can be one of the first signs a person needs some extra help.


  • You’re Struggling With Personal Care

If you’re struggling with incontinence, going to the toilet, washing, eating or any other personal care, then it may be that you need some help from a trained carer.


  • Your Nutrition Is Failing

Over 1 million people aged 65 and over are at risk of malnutrition. If you are struggling to make yourself balanced meals, or to keep your calorie intake up because you struggle to go shopping or cook, you might need some extra help.


  • Things Have Changed Since A Medical Issue

Perhaps since you had a stroke or were diagnosed with dementia, things that were easy before have become harder. Medical issues can change our ability to cope on our own.


  • You’re Lonely

Loneliness is prevalent in the older generation and is known to be as bad as smoking for health. Senior care, especially home care, is designed to provide companionship to combat loneliness and anxiety, as well as aiding with physical issues.


  • You’re At Risk

Perhaps you have dementia, you keep falling, you’re struggling with memory issues, or you’re physically frail. These risk factors for your safety are a strong indication you may need care now, or in the near future.


  • You Know You Need Care

Sometimes, we know that we need some senior care. Maybe you can sense things are harder and that now is the right time to get some care in place, before it has to be organised on an urgent basis.


  • You Have A Degenerative Illness

If you have a degenerative illness like dementia or Parkinson’s Disease, it is likely that care will be needed at some point. If you are feeling as though your illness is stopping you living the quality of life you could have with help, senior care is a good idea.


  • You’re Housebound

If you are unable to leave the house because you’re worried about incontinence, because you can’t get dressed on your own, or because of mobility issues, senior care can help. Trained carers can not only help you with the care you need, but suggest a wide range of adjustments and equipment to make your life easier both inside and outside the house.


  • Your Family Are Concerned About You

Family can worry more than they need to, but perhaps your family do have a point in their concern. They only want what is best for you and if they have been showing concern about your ability to care for yourself at home, maybe it is time to discuss getting some care put in place.


If you can relate to some of the signs above, perhaps it’s time to get a care assessment, which you can get for free from your local authority. The first step is recognising you need help. There are plenty of options out there for you, to help you get the quality of life you deserve.