Sometimes your garden is out of control due to the exuberance. As a result, the natural beauty is no longer exist. However, you could not cut all the plants off by hand because it is a time-consuming process and that is why you need an effective cutting tool.

A popular tool in the market that gardeners like is called machete. Nevertheless, there are some serious concerns for your safety that you could feel when using it. Thus, today article will provide you with 10 safety tips to clear your garden with a machete.

Professional gardeners are familiar with a machete but you are a beginner, so it might be difficult for you to get used to it. Do not panic! I will give you some tips to make use of your machete.

What is a machete?

To be honest, a machete is an effective and powerful tool that could be used for many different purposes.

  • To cut the trails away in the tropical forests
  • To slash out for crops
  • To crack to open something like coconuts or slice fruits, for instance, papayas
  • To impose weapons
  • To brush and clear your garden

Safety tips to clear your garden with a machete

After purchasing the best machete, you need to learn how to use it properly for the safety reason. Today, I will show you how to use your machete with safety tips.

  • Before using, you must check the area that needs cutting and ensure that there is nobody in that area to avoid the unexpected situations.
  • In case you are tired, do not hesitate to take a short rest because fatigue could lead to injuries. Switching, on the other hand, will be fine.
  • To prevent your machete getting stuck into hard objects, you should not hack perpendicularly into what you chop.
  • Prepare gloves for your hands since to avoid slippage, particularly when your hands are sweating.
  • Repeated swings might cause hot spots between the handle and your hands resulting in painful blisters.
  • Never try to make quick cuts by reaching out to the other side because the blade will move towards your body and of course, you are in danger.
  • Never take a brush with only one hand and swing your machete with another hand at the same time.
  • Could you break out in a severe rash because of poison ivy? Thus, use an herbicide to eradicate it before you step into the garden with a powerful machete.
  • When there is a thick brush, you should be careful as snakes or turtles might be moving underneath.
  • After you finish your job, remember to take care of your machete by putting it into a right place. Keep it out of children’ reach.


Okay! I think that these are useful safety tips to clear your garden with a machete that you need to know. Hope that you had a good time and found it helpful. Again, check your cutting area carefully before swinging your machete, as apart from being a powerful tool, it is also terribly dangerous.

One last thing you need to hold your machete appropriately and store it in the right place. If you have any questions or other interesting tips, leave me a comment, and we will discuss together. Last, like and share this article with your friends if you like it.

Author Bio: Richard Clayton, I’m an owner of a gardening blog. I love gardening and lawn care. I can spend all of my free time taking care of my garden and discuss about gardening experiences with my friends, who have the same hobby as me. My website  is a playground of us, where we can discuss everything about gardening techniques.