Survival knives have plenty of uses, and they can actually help in both standard and life-threatening circumstances. That’s exactly why you wouldn’t head off on a hunting trip without one. Besides that, though, there are more important reasons to own a hunting knife.

1. You Can Defend Yourself

Even if you don’t want to, you do need to keep this in mind – the main purpose of a knife is to use it as a weapon. A hunting knife can help defend yourself from animals and people. Going out without one implies exposing yourself to human and animal danger.

2. To Clear a Path

There are many times when you will come across walking paths in the wilderness. A good, sharp blade will help you clear the path and make your way through a forest safely. There is a wide range of hunting knives on the market to choose from to match with your needs and preferences. Make sure you get one that can help you clear the path especially if you will be going in a bushy wilderness.

3. You Can Create Fire

Once you have gathered enough wood, you can make a fire. But, what if you don’t have fire starters on you? You can use your knife to make a feather stick and start a fire easily. This is an important function that should always be at the back of your mind.

4. Makes Hunting Easier

No one wants to starve while on the hunting mission. When you find yourself deep in the wilderness with no food, getting meat becomes a top priority. That’s when a hunting knife is important – you can attach your knife to a stick and use it as a spear to catch food.

5. Good for Wood Batoning

The batoning technique is really interesting especially when it comes to hunting. You can split and cut wood without the use of an axe or hatchet. You just need a good-sized hunting knife and sharp blade. It saves you the burden of carrying additional accessories like the axe.

6. Use it to Skin Prey

This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? You wouldn’t roast your prey with its fur still on it. You can use your sharp blade to remove the fur effortlessly.

7. Open Cans

If you like to take canned food along on hunting trips and tend to forget about the can opener, a good blade will make for a great substitute.

8. A Digging Tool

A sturdy hunting knife and blade can be used as a handy digging tool. Use your knife to dig holes for your waste disposal needs, to make the fire, or even to create distress signals.

9. You Can Use It When You Are Injured

A knife can be extremely useful in a medical emergency. You can tear bandages apart with it and it can help to remove foreign objects from the wound.

10. Signalling Device

You can also use your hunting knife as a way of reflecting the sun with the blade. So, if you’re lost and there is a search party out looking for you, it will be easier for them to see you.

There are so many situations where a hunting knife could come in handy, especially in terms of survival. Going hunting without one is not a good idea at all!