Summer is still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start thinking about summer plans! Have you ever considered sending your kids to a summer camp?


Some parents might be hesitant to let their child go, which is entirely understandable. However, the experiences your child will have at a summer camp are unforgettable, and they’ll likely have some of the best times of their lives during a week at camp.


Besides being fun, there are so many other advantages to sending your child to camp. It’s a safe environment for your kid to explore, whether it’s just for a week or a few weeks during the summer months. If you’re still debating, below are 10 reasons to send your kiddo to camp this year!


At summer camp, your kids will:

1. Meet New Friends


Camp friendships are on a different level compared to those at school or in your neighborhood. Kids at camp live together, sleep together, eat together and go out of their comfort zone together. The trust they build in these friendships is on another level. Plus, they aren’t distracted by anything else and only have those people to communicate with.


Once your child makes a new friend at camp, the excitement they’ll have year after year for seeing that friend again is enough to make you want to keep sending them to camp!

2. Become More Independent


A week without parents — it’s a child’s dream! They have to fully take care of themselves during camp and must listen to counselors. The days at camp are full, so they have to maintain a schedule, like getting up and ready for the morning and going to bed at a set time.


You’re giving your child a chance to thrive without you. The growth in confidence and independence happens because they’re in a place with others their own age, and they don’t have you to rely on.

3. Learn Leadership Skills


Your child will learn plenty of leadership skills at camp because they’ll have opportunities where they can be the leader. This goes along with developing independence because your kids can make choices for themselves, or they might be led to make choices for a group.


During activities, your child may be asked to teach a skill or be a leader through a hike in the woods. The independence and lack of peer pressure naturally make them a leader.

4. Make Lasting Memories


Ask any past summer camper, and they’ll have a list of memories from their camp years. Maybe your child will zipline for the first time at camp. Maybe your child learns how to swim at camp. Or perhaps your child will meet a friend who impacted their life.


The memories your child makes at camp will be some of the best and will stick with them into adulthood.

5. Get Unplugged


If your child is like most other children, then they’re always in front of a screen. Technology has seemed to take over children’s lives, making it hard for them to imagine a world without it.


Fortunately, at camp, your child will have to go unplugged from technology. This forces them to have conversations with people and participate in activities! They’ll learn to appreciate the time they have without devices.

6. Immerse Themselves in Nature


Part of what makes camp such an amazing experience is that it gives your child an opportunity to explore the outdoors. Kids need time outside to run, soak up the sun and play. Today, those needs aren’t being met.


Camp reconnects children with nature since many of the activities will involve being outdoors. They can learn about trees, see animals and learn more about their surroundings.

7. Experience New Things


Summer camp brings kids out of their comfort zones. Activities and adventure fill the day, so there is probably something that your kid hasn’t yet experienced that they’ll get to try at camp.


If it’s your child’s first year at camp, they’ll be immersed into a new environment with people they don’t know. Don’t worry, though! It’s an excellent way for them to break out of their comfort zone, and they’ll be more likely to participate in new activities.

8. Stay Active and Healthy


Your kid will be on the move constantly while at camp. There are times for breaks, but during those break times, your child will probably be running around with new friends! Activity is non-stop at camp.


Additionally, your child will be fed great meals throughout the day and will be reminded to keep up their water intake. It’s an overall healthy experience for them at camp!

9. Meet Positive Mentors


Each camp hires team members who had to meet qualifications to lead and mentor children. Your child is in the best hands and will learn so much from their camp counselors. They’re exposed to different kinds of role models than the people they see in the media.


Most of the time, the mentors are college-aged people who enjoy spending time with kids and teaching them skills. You can trust that the camp your child goes to will be staffed with safe and positive role models.

10. Practice Social Skills


Ditching the electronics is one of the most impactful takeaways from kids when they leave camp. In order to have any connection with others, they have to use their social skills. Face-to-face communication is key to forming relationships, which is something your child will learn at camp.


This sets them up for future success. Eye contact, body language and starting conversations are a must for most jobs, so they’ll be able to use those skills throughout their lives.

Give Yourself a Break and Send Your Kiddo to Camp

All of these reasons should give you enough confidence to send your child to camp this summer. They’ll gain a world of experiences, make lasting friends and will no doubt give you a bit of a break!