Before you hook with a particular vehicle rental agency, conduct a thorough research of different companies to compare the cost, policies and services of each. When finalising the rental, right enquiries matters most to ensure you get the perfect vehicle as per requirement and avoid any surprise fees. Whether hiring for business or pleasure, always inspect the car as well as the agency and here’re a few queries you should always relay.

  1. Can you choose the exact car?

Know that vehicles available for rent differ from one location to another but good agencies always let you choose per the choice and budget. However, location’s unique policy would decide the class of vehicle and your preference.

  1. What about substituting a different type or class of vehicle?

When you book in advance; be it online or directly at the agency, they reserve the right to swap a vehicle of greater or at-least-equal value if your preference isn’t available to the rental date. This is essential because companies are unable to predict if the customer would turn in the vehicle within the given time or expect delays. On the contrary, if additional maintenance is required on the vehicle before renting it out so agencies are likely to waive the charges when substituting a classier car.

  1. Can you return the car at a different location?

It depends on the motive of renting the vehicle! There’re exceptions when you can actually return the vehicle at a different location within or outside the city and even in a different country as long as the company operates a chain in various states around the world. When a particular rental agency has branches across multiple locations, it’s far convenient but charges may vary.

  1. How much must fuel/gas be in the tank at the time of return?

The rental agency is likely to include the amount of gas to be in the tank at the time of return in its contract however, you should carefully read and ask if there are any exceptions. There isn’t any penalty if the tank has extra fuel but fewer amounts mean you’ll pay more. Here, carefully read the contract and ask about the particular amount if that isn’t mentioned.

  1. What if you can’t return the vehicle on time?

Most companies provide at least one or two hours extra as a grace period in which you should turn in the vehicle. If however, you return it even later, full day fee would be charged. Talk to the dealer at the agency before you let the car.

  1. In case the vehicle breaks down?

Mechanical and electronic functions in a car are unpredictable. Even the sturdiest cars can experience untimely glitch and every reputable rental agency has a policy pertinent to vehicle breakdown. Most will supply a new vehicle free of cost (as long as the fault isn’t from your end) so you should understand all the requirements of this policy prior to leaving the lot.

  1. What if you’ve an accident?

The agency always provides a 24/7 number on which you can call for various queries and lest there’s an accident. The company is likely to determine the cause of the accident and if it’s a glitch in the vehicle, the company is likely to compensate in terms of a new car.

  1. How about your own insurance policy instead of a company?

If you already bear a personal automobile insurance, it’s likely to work with the cars hired at your name and indeed a budgeted option. Any damage to the vehicle and you can have it fixed through the personal insurance which saves a lot of costs as compared to agency’s insurance.

  1. Is there a refund on returning the car earlier?

If for some reason you’re asked by the agency to return the vehicle a day earlier, they’re liable to refund the unused portion of the payment. Any discounts pertinent to the rental period will be forfeited so be clear with the policies.

  1. Should you clean the car before turning it in?

Not necessarily but apparently, you should clean the mess made from your end. Nowadays, handy vacuum cleaners are there with which you can easily clean the vehicle’s interior and wipe the exterior for perfection. It never hurts to do so and takes only a few minutes!


Whether you’re going for car rental at Doha airport or any other place per say, make sure you come out clean with the above queries.