I watched a movie on crime has a new enemy in “RoboCop”. Well, the robot is so tactical in handling crime scenes. And this was without human involvement. “What a magic”, I thought to myself.

Will, there be a time robots will be allowed to pull the trigger? AI has not only changed all the spheres of our lives but also evolving magically each day. So, what’s the future holding for us?

“AI is going to change the world more than anything in the history of mankind,” said AI oracle and venture capitalist, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee.

Certainly, everyone is bewildered by what AI has in store for us. I have researched wide and far to get a glimpse of what AI can do, and where we are heading to.

Predictions On AI’s Impact For The Next Five Years:

AA has really transformed our world from the real money online slots the USA, business world, security, governance, and others. Amazingly, it shows no signs of ever stopping!

Let’s dive right in and see what AI is meant to bring.

1. Health care:

Health care

The health care industry is set to bear a big change thanks to AI advancement. Among the impact, we expect to see physicians not taking menial tasks anymore. AI is set to find personalized health solutions for individual patients.

That mind-blowing!

I think that AI could potentially reduce the number of deaths that occur due to wrong medications. The real impact would be to save many lives as compared to the past. We will even reach a point, not so long, where doctors would feel inadequate without using machine learning and AI.

2. Cyber Security:

Cyber Security

Cyber Security has been a challenge both regionally and globally. The concerned agencies and stakeholders have always wanted to improve on security and so far have invested a lot of research into it.

Today, AI has been greatly facilitated by cyber-attacks, posing a great threat to our lives. Cyber-attacks are designed to avoid human controls and AI controls as well.

Sometime back, a fake video of President was released speaking fabricated sentences. That implies that someone can ruin your reputation through AI. If something is not done, we are likely to suffer areophane diversions powered by AI and other destructive undertakings.

3. Lifestyle:

Today, the use of AI-powered tools for assistance is common practice. Almost everyone is aware of Alexa, and it’s likely that such tools will ever be there.

People prefer using lifestyle Apps more than those from other industries, possibly because they would like to interact with technology out of choice rather than necessity. This means that AI is set to focus on lifestyle greatly in response to high demand for lifestyle powered brands.

4. Travel:


AI seems not to be sparing travel either. The autonomous vehicles are powered by AI. We expect self-flying objects and cars to become the order of the day ion five years’ time.

Although Google’s self-driving car within made just 13 accidents within 1.8 million miles test, we expect much perfection in the future. In fact, we might even get to a point that the autonomous objects be considered safer and therefore become illegal to drive manual objects.

5. Finance:


Although today’s AI is used to detect bogus credit details and combat financial frauds, it still has a lot to offer. The financial department is set to suffer a big disruption when AI is able to recognize monetary legislations while doing transactions.

Today, AI is used to make data-based decisions, for example, in Australian sports betting sites to AI is used to make betting decisions. Also, AI is expected to merge with emerging digital currencies to automate many manual works in the finance industry.

6. Business:


In 5 years to come, AI will be an integral part of every business. Businesses will focus on AI solutions and consequently spend high.

Accordingly, AI is set to revolutionize the user experience.

A big number of user touches will be augmented by computer vision and AR/VR.

7. Social media:

Social media

Every platform has a social media element for chats and assistance.  Majorly, this is done through chatbots.

Predictably, IT departments will no longer be replying to user messages but managing a workforce of chatbots.

8. Atomic manufactories:

Today, manufacturing a new material can take up to 20 years. But AI is expected to redefine the making of molecules and materials.

Currently, AI is being used to conduct artificial photosynthesis.

But as AI capacity skyrockets, the discovery process becomes faster also.  I think the creation of molecules and materials will be done by a click of a button.

9. Marketing:


These days, marketing relies heavily on tools to automate the job, like delivering personalized emails to clients.

As personalization gets an overdose through AI, the future generation of marketing tools is expected to achieve more with better and relevant communications.

10. Trading:

Machines are highly used to predict future behavior in trade and observe past patterns to make a forecast.

As AI advances into the future, we expect trade to be a universal game. Both experts and beginners will profit from trading activities with the guidelines.