Out of all the various activities that comprise a wedding, the bridal waltz is considered one of the most important and romantic parts of the day.

The first dance of the couple as husband and wife where they gaze into each other’s eyes and proclaim their love is truly a wonderful experience. The most important feature of a bridal waltz is the song; the song can create a romantic mood that will encompass the couple and their guests.

Whether you have a fancy choreographed dance sequence or you want to rock from side to side in your spouse’s arms, there is a wide range of songs that will sufficiently convey the depth of your feelings for your loved one.

Here are a few popular songs that will be perfect for your bridal waltz;

Crazy for you

Madonna sang this song in 1985 and the lyrics talk about consuming love and attraction. It has a reasonably upbeat tempo, making it an excellent choice for active dancing styles that will take you around the dance floor.

This song is ideal for couples who want a classic song that still resonates with the romantic setting.

All of me

This song is a slow and tender ballad, with John Legend’s deep and rich voice giving it a cadence that will not fail to tug at every romantic person’s heartstrings.

You can sing this song to your partner as you put your arms around each other and sway from side to side. Its lyrics are a declaration of undying devotion, making it a perfect way to reiterate your vows to your spouse.

Can’t help falling in love

This song is so popular that a lot of artists have released covers over the years since Elvis Presley sang the original version in 1961.

With heartfelt lyrics that proclaim a person’s inability to curb the extent of their feelings for their loved one, it is no wonder that many couples have chosen to use this song as a backdrop for their first dance.

Because you loved me

This song is a perfect way to thank your partner for their love, support and encouragement throughout your relationship.

You can get emotional as Celine Dion’s rich voice takes you down memory lane and helps you to remember just how right your partner is for you.

From this moment on

Released by Shania Twain in 1998, the lyrics of this song symbolize vows of steadfastness, devotion and support as a couple begins a new chapter of their lives as newlyweds. With a slow beat, this song is best for a sedate waltz on the dance floor.

A thousand years

This song by Christina Perri in 2011 is a good way to assure your partner of your love that has grown in your heart and will continue to grow as you both shall live. Promise to spend forever together as you dance in each other’s arms.

Thinking out loud

Ed Sheeran uses the lyrics of this song to promise his partner that he will keep loving her even when she is grey and old. This modern song reinforces the ’till death do us part’ line of a couple’s vows.

At last

The satisfaction and fulfilment that comes with finally getting something you have wanted for a very long time are what this song by Etta James symbolizes. Released in 1960, this song is a wedding favourite because it portrays the deep-rooted feelings that stem from finding the love of your life


Released by Lonestar in 1999, this love song depicts the bond that exists between two people in a relationship. A lot of artists have recreated this song since its release. You can use this song to tell your partner how they make you feel as you celebrate your union on the dance floor.

Have I told you lately

This song by Rob Stewart is one of the most famous love songs over the years. Tell your spouse how much you love them and the feelings of joy and completeness that they have brought into your life through the lyrics of this song.

You can decide to choose a song for your bridal waltz according to your wedding theme. Your wedding styling team can help you find a song that will match your theme and equally portray the bond between you and your spouse.