Okay, so you want to have beautiful skin over the summer, which is good, but it does take some work. The following are a few tips that’ll help you achieve your summer glow and prolong it.

1. Illuminating Fluid

One type of product you want to invest in is an illuminating fluid. These products are formulated with all sorts of ingredients, like licorice extract to name one. What this product does is help highlight your radiant skin. It adds a thin coverage that’ll make your skin pop more than you expected.

2. Natural Deodorant

The next thing you may want to consider is a natural deodorant. The problem is many products sold in stores can dry out your skin. Yes, they might be effective, but if you want to maintain that glow as long as possible, you’ll need a natural option, such as a charcoal deodorant that is quite effective, while still gentle on your skin. If charcoal isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other natural styles, smells, and formulas to learn about and try. 

3. Gummy Beauties

Keeping that glow you love could also involve gummy bears. Yes, there are gummy bears that contain ingredients that’ll help your skin like astaxanthin. This is an antioxidant that helps fight against premature aging, and it stimulates collagen to make your skin look wonderful.

4. Illuminating Oil

On top of your other illuminating product, this oil can be applied anywhere and helps give your skin an added layer of protection. That summer glow you love is delicate, and it’s going to need protection. Look for oils that also help keep your skin moisturized to keep your skin healthy.

5. The Bronzer

Some people might want to achieve that summer glow naturally using sunlight, but you do have a few alternatives like a tanning bed or a bronzer. A bronzer does give you control of how sun-kissed you look. If you do choose to use a bronzer, make sure you find a high-quality option.

6. Skin Spritz

Moisturized skin is important if you want to keep your skin in good condition over the summer, and another product that’ll help you achieve that is a spritz. Preferably, you want a spritz with ingredients to not only moisturize but also fight against UV damage, such as Japanese wild rose. This specific ingredient has a lot of antioxidants you’ll need to keep your skin cells free from UV rays.

7. Color Control

Okay, if you are using a bronzer, you are going to need a color control moisturizer. This not only keeps your skin feeling nice and silky, but it helps control your bronze. You don’t want your skin to look uneven, and that is what this product will help you avoid. Otherwise, your skin color may start looking a little blotchy.

8. Good Exfoliator

There are a lot of exfoliating products out there, so choose one that is as natural as possible. Usually, natural products contain things like sugar and some type of oil. The reason you want to use an exfoliator is that dead skin makes your skin look dull over time. You don’t have to use the exfoliator every day, but use it so that it can help reveal that bright, beautiful skin hiding under dead skin cells.

9. Gradual Tan Lotions

Those who want to keep a tan the entire year may want to consider a gradual tan lotion. The best ones usually contain natural oils like sesame oil or nut oils that melt into your skin naturally. If you don’t choose a natural oil, then you might end up with a tan of unsightly streaks. These types of lotions lock in moisture to help keep your skin youthful.

10. Colorless Gloss

Sometimes, you want an extra layer of beauty for your lips, eyelids, or cheeks, and for that, you’ll have to turn to a colorless gloss. The reason you want to use something colorless is that you want the gloss to highlight your sun-kissed color. Try to get something that has mostly natural ingredients so that it melts naturally into your skin while providing that radiance you are hoping for.

These are just some things you can do to promote your summer glow or to get it. Choose the products that best suit your needs, or talk to your beautician to see if you can get additional tips.