When you hear about the latest trends in skin care, it is practically impossible not to be amazed at the information you are face-to-face with. The Internet is filled with ads promising amazing results for using skin bleaching creams but, before going ahead and purchasing any product, be sure to read this article. In the paragraphs that follow, you will discover no less than ten myths regarding skin bleaching creams. After reading them, you will be able to decide whether such products are actually a good a choice or not.

#1 Using a Skin Bleaching Cream is Safe

One of the main ingredients that is used in the skin bleaching cream is sodium hypochlorite, a substance that favors skin breakouts. Dermatologists warn about such products being used on the body and especially at the level of the face. They also draw attention to the post-application care. Many people expose themselves to the sun after using skin bleaching creams, which can lead to uneven pigmentation and moderate-to-severe irritation.

#2 No need for a Sample Test

If you were to read the instructions on the package, you would discover that the risk of allergic reactions is presented as infinitely small. However, this does not mean that there are no other risks associated with using such a product. For example, skin bleaching creams are known to cause permanent discoloration at the level of the skin (white spots). So, be sure to perform a sample test, before applying it over your entire face.

#3 Skin Bleaching Cream stimulates Hair Growth

This is indeed an impossible connection to make. The root of each hair strand is found under the skin, as opposed to the skin bleaching cream which is applied on the skin (and also acts at that level). So, it is not true that skin bleaching cream will stimulate the hair growth. No need to worry about that.

#4 Changes the Color of the Skin

A skin bleaching cream is recommended in the situation that you want to even your skin tone, getting rid of the excess tan, hyperpigmentation or blemishes. However, no matter how much or how often you apply it on the skin, it will not change your color.

#5 Doesn’t matter which Cream you Choose, they are all the same

Common misconception. The one thing you want to pay attention to when purchasing a skin bleaching cream is the label. There, you can find not only the ingredients but also instructions or recommendations. You will find out, for example, that each cream is indicated for a certain skin color. As for the ingredients, there are creams that contain essential oils with moisturizing effect, in order to reduce the risk of irritation.

#6 Once bleached, it stays bleached

The application of the skin bleaching cream delivers only a temporary effect, no matter how much you are actually going to use. It is also worth mentioning that the more you apply, the bigger the risk of unwanted effects, such as irritation. So, be sure to keep that in mind and follow the application instructions on the package.

#7 Can be used to eliminate Acne Scars

The world of marketing has advanced to the point where one would print out anything regarding a product, just to sell it. While skin bleaching creams can reduce the hyperpigmentation left by acne lesions, not the same thing can be said in case of scarring. When an acne scars occurs, this means that the entire texture of the skin has changed in that area and no skin bleaching cream in the world will be able to restore it.

#8 You can use the same Skin Bleaching Cream as your Friend

Just because your friend was satisfied with the results offered by the skin bleaching cream, this does not necessarily mean you will be as well. Keep in mind that the skin tone of each person is different, plus it is subjected to the influence of various factors (sun, smoking, genetics). So, be sure to perform a patch test first and then decide whether it is suitable for you or not.

#9 Skin Bleaching Cream is the only product you’ll need for an even skin tone

While skin bleaching cream might help you to even out your skin tone, don’t go around thinking that you no longer need to use other skin care products. You also need a toner to remove the excess oil production and also a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated.

#10 The Price does not Matter

When shopping for a skin bleaching cream, the price does matter. You need to look for the best balance between quality and affordability, keeping in mind that high-quality creams often sell at a more expensive price. So, make sure that you avoid skin bleaching creams that are sold at cheap prices, as you might not be at all impressed with their quality.

These are the ten myths regarding skin bleaching creams. In general, it is recommended to read the label and respect the instructions that are written in there. Otherwise, you can risk the health of your own skin, so keep that in mind.