Certain things or circumstances really make you sick. You’ll agree to this later the article. 😛 You just wait for the time to pass by and endure what happen around you. You feel liking hitting yourself to be in those situations. But, gosh!! you can’t help being through it. This almost happens with almost everyone, isn’t it. I too feel irritated with certain deeds around me. I’ve complied some of the common activities of human beings, which can actually make people banging his head or sneering out. Some of them are funny too. 🙂 So, here are 10 of them

  • Shouting on the phone: Imagine that you’re in a crowded bus on your way to office or work place. Someone sitting next to you is talking over his mobile phone. But, the sound he makes with his robust voice could be heard in the entire bus. Worse, he doesn’t seem like stopping; goes on and on with his noisy voice. He hardly cares who’re around him. The words he uses at times pierces your eardrum. Uff! How irritating that would be? Wish you could kill him, won’t you?
  • Picking nose in front of you: Oops!! This is dirty!! How would you feel if you see a person picking his nose in front of you least bothering that anyone can see his misdeed? Yak! You might throw up. This is indeed irritating for anyone. There are some eccentric people who seem to be very engrossed in doing such offensive stuff. Either they find fun there (in the nose) or have more stuff to let out. Anyway, for whatever, I believe this is a private activity and should be done in a secluded place only. For you, it’s just awful.
  • You’re in a restroom & hear a knock-knock on the door: How’s that? Isn’t that very annoying when you are in a public toilet and hardly have you closed the door than you get a call from outside. You can neither concentrate on the job you come to the restroom for, nor can you open the door as your job might remain still unfinished. This is really irritating and too much embarrassing. I hope people develop some civic sense for this.
  • Body odor: Well, this is another one which you can’t help happening. You are sitting in a common chair, such as in a bus or any public transport. But to your misfortune the person sharing your seat has a bad smell coming out of his/her body. You can’t replace the seat nor can you halt your journey. The result – you gotta bear with this, probably with your own nose pressed by your finger tips.
  • Play music aloud: On a cozy day you are home, relaxing and enjoying the holiday watching movies or listening to your favorite songs on your music player. All of a sudden an earth shattering noise pierce your ears. Regaining your consciousness you learn that the ear splitting noise is coming out from your neighbor’s house. A brat is playing deafening songs on his player making you dumbfounded as how you can manage to hear your own voice. What a nuisance! You shout at him in vain. Your top notch voice does not reach his ears. So, you gotta put up with this until the power goes off, thankfully, or his machine crashes or he loses his conciseness to your relief. Very annoying, isn’t it?
  • People whisper looking at you: It’s another irritating/embarrassing situation for you when you find two persons sitting next to you or in front of you whispering in each other’s ears looking at you. Ah! That’s really embarrassing and annoying. You never know what the two are talking about in whispers but this is enough to give you concerns that their hot topic is you or anything related to you. You react promptly, straighten yourself, give a serious look at your dress imagining of a flaw your face or dress may have. The more time they take whispering, the more appalling you feel. Disgusting, isn’t it?
  • When someone mirrors you: This is another irritating experience when your friend or colleague or someone else just repeats what you say or do. They talk after you talk. This leaves you exasperated. You growl at them but they don’t bother to stop. They just keep on mimicking you whatever you do, whatever you speak, however you react. Maybe they do it for fun or for any humble revenge on you. But this is really disturbing and you find ways to escape from this.
  • When he shoves you and says ‘sorry’: You are over your phone, talking to your beloved one while talking. Then you get a bang-bang. Your mobile slips off your hands on the grounds to find itself badly damaged. Ah! You just shout at the miscreant,” What the hell have you done? My cell went off. Is it too hard to keep your eyes open and see other people?” The person gulps all your expletives, tackles all your tough looks and then politely says “I’m really sorry!” Ah!! An insult to the injury. Saying this the guy takes to his heels leaving you confounded on the future of your next phone conversations. This hurts, right?
  • Your call gets transfered again & again: Another big fretful experience. After a Herculean search for a contact number to call your bank or credit card company, you finally land on the IVR. The sweet lady greets you “Thank you for calling to XXXX services. We are pleased to assist you”. But as your luck would have for you, you are asked to press this number or that number to reach your non-existent destination. Finally, to your relief, you get the button which is supposed to redirect you to a real human being only to find that your call will be transfered since you’ve intruded a wrong department. You’re on a long hold. To your dismay, your hold never ends. You’re kept greeted by the IVR, “You’re a valued customer for us. Your call will be forwarded soon. Please have dinner and stay online. We hope to connect you to a fleshy person in the future.” You become aged and still you are on hold. How would you term this experience?
  • Would you like to purchase this from us:  How often you pick up your phone and hear a sweet voice giving you all the pleasure in your life buying a product from them? “Am I talking to Mr.X? I hope this is the best time to talk to you. Would you like to try a product from us which can change your life and you can never ask for more?” Well, it’s the damn cold morning. You are at your coffee and the cell beeps. To your astonishment they assume this is the best time for you to talk to them. Wow! You hang up. Later you again get a survey call. They ask you “Sir, we made a call to you for your rescue from the miseries of life but you hung up on us. Was there an issue with the agent who called you? Was he rude? Did he have polite touch on his voice? Please help us with your feedback help you in the future” What the heck!! You hardly have heard what the agent said but again, you can’t be left alone by those life savers. Bear with them too. Pray that you get some respite from them.

Well, I put 10 most irritating activities which can really make you dizzy? What’s your pick? You agree to them? Or you got your own list? Do share this with us.