Just take your time and walk down the streets of any city in the world and you will easily realize that buildings with different and evolving designs are being constructed. While in most cases a construction site is a future residence of an icon, it contributes in one way or the other to the beauty of a city. They are simply fascinating plans in the making that you can expect in future to change and look like real structures.

The world is changing at a fast rate meaning that engineers and architects are coming up with new and amazing designs every single day. With the evolution of construction technologies and introduction of strong stainless steel metals such as material found on OnlineMetalsDepot.com, it has become super easy to raise tall buildings with hopes to construct something taller than Burj Khalifa.

Looking at what has been happening in 2019 and what we expect in 2020, you can conclude that there are many fascinating construction projects in hand for you. Although every sector of the economy has participated in one way or the other, the Hotel and tourism industry has been the most active. In every city, the amazing and fascinating construction project you hear about is probably a hotel in making.

Below are some of the hotel construction projects that we have witnessed in 2019 and others that we should wait for patiently in 2020.

The Independent

This project took about $300 Million with a lot of hard work and cooperation from different players. The locals usually refer to this construction as ‘’Jenga Tower’’. When the project is complete, we expect that it will stand at 58 stories making it one of the tallest buildings in downtown Austin. It is also referred to as the largest residential tower in the west of Mississippi.

The building has already garnered so much interest. This is seen because almost 80% of it is booked. It comprises a swimming pool, a boardroom, yoga and a barred patio.

Shinola Hotel in Detroit

Have you already heard of the Detroit coolest accessories company? If not, then I am sure you know very little about shinola. This Hotel is named after the defunct 19th century shoe polish. The project is awaited by many for its outstanding beauty.

Twa Hotel in New York

This hotel construction project is being facilitated by Beyer Blinder Belle. The hotel itself is made in such a way that you have a clear view of the outside whenever you are in the rooms. The carpets are made of chili-looking designs and many other décor to make it look amazing. The property has already won the 2020 Best of the year Award.

Little Shelter

This hotel project is quite famous in Thailand and many other parts of the world. It’s a very simple but an amazing inn in Thailand that you cannot imagine how beautiful it is before you set foot there. This was among the most stunning hotel construction projects in the world. Little shelter was built in a way to make it sensitive in the area with hopes that the people here and international community would recognize it for its uniqueness.

Gloriette Guest House

This guest House is located in Soprabolzano Italy. It’s currently being facilitated by NOA. For many years, people in this place have sought refuge from the scorching sun of the summer by simply retreating to the Dolomites. When a railway was constructed here in 1907, people got access and opted to establish some warm-weather estates. Now they have a 25 room boutique hotel that was established by the Network of Architecture. The hotel already garnered the 2019 best of the year honoree status for Boutique Hotel.

Perry Lane Hotel

If you took time to check out this hotel from afar, you would see its beauty and uniqueness. You may be forced to think that this hotel has been here for centuries. Though, the Perry Lane hotel in Savanna, Georgia is a whole new and captivating project that everybody has been thinking of in 2019.

Hotel Calimala

Hotel Calimala is being laid down by Alex Meltis in Florence. The Hotel is one of the newest constructions in the area with such stunning beauty. It’s also the freshest hospitality place where everybody would find refuge from the scorching heat of the summer sun. It’s a 38 room property that has brought an old age transformation to the 2019 beauty.


This is one of the most amazing constructions in Africa. It is being established in Namibia. It’s a luxury encampment in Namibia that everyone has been talking about in 2019. It’s actually the latest state of the art hotel construction in South West Africa. The projects feature 10 meticulously outfitted residential tents and canvas structures. The hotel has been established in an area that is widely considered as the oldest desert in the World.

Layering Courtyard

This is another building that has been established in Beijing by Arch studio. This Building has been established to meet the needs of travellers that need a unique experience whenever they travel to China. So when you are considering China as your next destination, choose this as the place to sleep, take dinners or even breakfast. It’s established in an area that covers all the historic Chinese Traditions and cultures.

Aranwa Palacio Rickets Boutique Hotel

This is not a new project but I can assure you it has been one of the most fascinating Hotel projects of 2019. The hotel was planned to open before the end of 2018 but it’s worth mentioning in 2019 because of the unique designs. It’s a refurbishment of the Old Casa Tristan del Polo with about 80 rooms, hotels, bar and spa.

The list is long which and am not sure whether we can exhaust everything in this brief. 2019 has been on the spotlight for opening the most fascinating and unique hotel designs from every part of the world. We expect that 2020 will be another year with many of these unique hotel construction projects and unique designs.