All of you must have tasted many of those appetite-increasing sauces. Available in a variety of tastes and flavors, these sauces have the natural ability to transform any meal. Whether you are at a fast food joint, or having a homemade traditional meal, these sauces can bring flavor to your meal.

Similarly, if you are dieting or eating salad regularly to maintain your body’s nutrients and calories, then you must be aware of the dressings used in them. These are much similar to sauces as these are the combination of sweet tastes coming mostly from honey, a tangier taste that might be due to vinegar or mustard, and some deep tastes of various herbs and spices.

From soy sauce to the ranch, almost every sauce and dressing are a treat to taste. But sometimes making them at home can cause some issues in their texture and taste. Following are some tips that can help you to maintain the taste of the sauces and dressings along with the quality that is good for your health.

1. Low-Calorie Ingredients
Ingredients are the first thing to be noticed while making any sauce or dressing. As you are learning about making a healthier sauce so you should try to use those ingredients that are less in calorie amount. Less calories will not affect any of your body functions and can help you to enjoy it without any restrictions.

2. Use Vinegar Instead of Oil
It is suggested that you should always try to use vinegar acid instead of oil while making sauces or dressings at home. This vinegar acts as a base for these sauces. But it is not necessary to totally replace oil with vinegar. You just keep interchanging them and try new varieties.

3. Using Nuts
Using nuts in cream based sauces is the best option. Using nuts can give you a lot of benefits. They have higher nutrient contents and healthy fats. You can call the fat healthy as it is omega 3 and is suitable for your heart. Using nuts in BBQ sauce can make it more flavored.

4. Skimming off Extra Fat
You cannot control the fat content of some sauces. This happens especially in the case of meat sauces. It is impossible to separate fat from meat. All this fat can damage your body. So you must skim it off after preparing the sauce. The best and simplest method is to freeze the sauce. This will harden the fats and make it easy for you to separate it.

5. Use Natural Ingredients
Once again discussing ingredients, it is suggested that you should always use natural ingredients. Natural ingredients contain more nutrients than artificial and can improve the taste and flavors as well.

6. Lower the Salt Content
You should also control the content of salt in your sauces along with different fats. This is due to the reason that high salt in sauces can cause higher blood pressure and can cause different diseases.

7. Buy a Good Quality Blender
Make sure that you have a blender of excellent quality. If you don’t have one, get ready to invest in it. This is one of the basic things to make your sauce perfect.

8. Swap Cream with Cheese
Using goat cheese instead of cream is one of the best options to enjoy a creamy sauce without overloading it with fats that are present in the cream. This sauce will be lower in calories and surely healthier than a creamy one.

9. Sauce Thickening Agents
Certain types of thickening agents are used in sauces to make them thicker. Always use cornstarch instead of butter-based agents to make the sauce thicker. It can also be used in garlic sauce to increase its consistency.

10. Increase the Creamy Factor
Adding the creamy factors is a good thing for sauces to make them smooth and creamy. But make sure that instead of using butter or cheese, use Greek yogurt for that purpose. There is a benefit of doing so as Greek yogurt contains no fat.

Always follow the above tips while making sauce or salad dressing to make sure that it becomes healthier and less fatty.

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