With so many restaurants still closed due to the COVID-19 lockdown, many people are finding themselves preparing more meals at home. It is not always fun to have to spend time in the kitchen. Here are 10 easy ways that you can make cooking at home more enjoyable.

Cook With a Cocktail

Everything is more fun with a cocktail in hand. Before you start your meal prep, mix up a little cocktail, or pour yourself a glass of wine. This will make your time in the kitchen fly by. Match your drink to complement your food to make it even more delicious.

Make it a Theme Meal

Add another layer of fun to your meal by turning it into a theme. A theme will also make it easier to come up with meal ideas. Even something as simple asmeatless Mondays or taco Tuesday will provide a guiding framework and take the guesswork out of meal planning.

Go International

If you are still stuck in a meal rut, you may want to consider going more international with your food choices. Expanding your culinary horizons will make it more fun to come up with new meal ideas. You can also use this idea to turn cooking into a learning experience for your children, making it fun to spend time in the kitchen as a family.

Blast the Music

Music makes everything better, including spending time in the kitchen. Now is a good time to invest in a soundbar or music system for your kitchen. Not only will this come in handy when cooking, but it will also be a good addition for when you entertain in your kitchen.

Make Clean-up Easy

One of the biggest deterrents to making a meal is knowing the mess that lies ahead. You can alleviate this concern by using disposable plastic plates and other types of dishware. You will enjoy your meal so much more if you know that you are not going to be staring at a pile of dirty dishes after you eat.

Let Go of Perfection

You will like the cooking process much more if you let go of the idea that everything has to look and taste perfect. By letting go of these ideals, you will appreciate the work that goes into making a delicious meal without worrying about the outcome.

Invite Friends to Help

Cooking is more enjoyable when you have people to share in the activity. One good idea is to invite a group of friends over to meal prep. Everyone can bring ingredients for one meal that can be frozen and you can work as a team to put them all together. With enough attendees, each person will leave with meals for the week.

Keep a Stocked Pantry and Freezer

A well-stocked pantry and freezer will make cooking infinitely easier. It is a lot easier to whip up a quick meal if you already have the ingredients on hand. Canned goods, frozen meat, frozen fruit, spices, and beans are all pantry and freezer essentials that can make it a breeze to prepare last-minute meals with ease.

Meal Prep

There is a reason that so many people swear by meal planning. By planning your grocery list and meals for the week in advance, you are less likely to be stressed when faced with cooking. While it may take an investment of time at the beginning of the week, you will find that you enjoy your experience in the kitchen more if you have a plan.

Start a Running Grocery List

A running grocery list is an ideal complement to meal planning. Keep a running list somewhere in the kitchen where the whole family can add to it as needed. If you update this list whenever you run out of a particular ingredient, you will not find yourself scrambling for substitutions. This is also a good place to jot down meal ideas so that everyone can provide input.
Cooking does not have to be a chore. By employing these 10 tips, you will be well on your way to enjoying the time that you spend in the kitchen.