Are you interested in finding the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Do you want to surprise your partner with something special? If your answer to either of these two questions is yes, this article is exactly what you needed. In the paragraphs that follow, you will find ten creative gift ideas. We have gathered gift suggestions that are romantic and come from the heart, so you will offer your better half with a genuine surprise. And, remember, this day is all about the power of love, so your gift should come accompanied by a genuine declaration of your feelings.

#1 Reasons I Love You Booklet
This is indeed one of the most creative gifts you could ever make, representing a genuine way to take your relationship to the next level. All you have to do is use your computer and create a small booklet, containing some of the most important reasons why you love him/her. Print it, wrap it beautifully and surprise your someone special.

#2 Personalized pillow cases
Looking through modern-day lifestyle news, it will not take you more than a couple of minutes to discover that personalized items are perfect for Valentine’s Day. If you are looking to obtain a great smile upon seeing the gift, you can go with personalized pillow cases. Choose a cheesy message, such as “You complete me” and you will definitely reach your goal.

#3 Redeemable coupons
If you are looking to offer a gift that is both unique and surprising, you can consider creating some redeemable coupons for your sweetheart. You can offer yourself up for a date, provide some naughty suggestions or even promise special outings or activities. The choice is yours and it is guaranteed you will have fun creating this gift.

#4 Message in a bottle
This gift is as thoughtful, as it is romantic. Take all the time you need in putting your feelings on paper and then roll your letter, placing it in a bottle. Upon seeing her/his special surprise, your partner will certainly be filled with emotions. And do not hesitate to go all out, saying how much you love him/her. This is what Valentine’s Day is all about.

#5 Heart bookmark
In the situation that your partner is a genuine bookworm, perhaps it might be a good idea to set some time aside for a unique DIY project. You can create a heart bookmark, to show him/her that you value his/her interests and that he/she holds a special place in your heart. Keep in mind that he/she will smile every time, upon seeing that specific bookmark.

#6 Love map
Remember the first place you went on a date? Or where you initially met? Well, Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to cherish moments like that. You can surprise your partner by printing out a map section containing a location that you both hold dear in your hearts. With a nice frame, that will represent the perfect gift for this year’s Valentine’s Day.

#7 Baked goods
Do you remember the saying: “love goes through the stomach”? Well, if you do, perhaps you might try some baked goods for this Valentine’s Day. You can bake some heart-shaped muffins and surprise your better half with your cooking skills. Better yet, you can learn to make a new cake and prepare it the day before.

#8 Rainbow-colored roses
If she loves flowers, then you can try a nice surprise, in the form of rainbow-colored roses. All you have to do is take a white rose and split its stem in four (for example). Then, you can add water-based paint to four glasses, choosing any colors your heart desires. Place the four stems into a different glass and wait for the rose to absorb the paint.

#9 Origami heart
If you are a master of origami, you need to create something that will wow your partner. Study your desired design several days before Valentine’s Day and make sure that you choose something suitable for this day, such as a heart. Add a meaningful quote and you are all done.

#10 Heart-shaped, chocolate-covered strawberries
This is a special surprise for someone who loves strawberries, chocolate and Valentine’s Day. Purchase fresh strawberries, the kind that are big and full of color. Cut them into halves and place them on a toothpick, dipping them into chocolate for the next step. Wait for them to dry, then add some red coloring paste and take out the toothpick. Refrigerate before serving with a chilled glass of champagne.

These are the most creative gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, allowing you to surprise your someone special and show how much he/she means to you. Do not hesitate to open your heart in this very special day and celebrate your relationship, enjoying each other’s company.