A bucket travel list is common for most of us. You have already traveled to London, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Rome, Cape Town and so on. What about taking a jet charter service and making a trip to a less known exotic city this time? Well, have a look at these 10 beautiful cities outside of common travel bucket list.

  1. Florence, Italy: While everyone talks of Rome and Venice of Italy, very few knows that the original Italy and its grandeur rests in Florence and Tuscany province. Florence is the most historic city of Italy draped all over in Renaissance architecture. The stunning cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the prime attraction. Don’t forget to visit Galleria Degli Uffizi for the richest reserve of Renaissance masterpieces.

  1. Bruges, Belgium: Located in the northwest of Belgium, Bruges is a spectacular city with waterways joining the lands. No wonder, it is called to be the “Venice of the North”. Now a world heritage declared by UNESCO Bruges offers spectacular medieval architecture and a world famous masterpiece of Renaissance master Michelangelo “Church of the Virgin Mary”.

  1. St. Petersburg, Russia: This former capital of Russia is draped in world’s famous heritage architectures and palatial buildings. It houses one of the greatest art museums of the world called the Hermitage Museum which showcases hundreds of great masterpieces from the artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt, and Matisse.

  1. Havana, Cuba: Havana boasts of a typical mix of Caribbean and Latin American flavour in culture, cityscape and people that you find nowhere else. The vibrant colours in buildings and classic cars and slow paced life that smells barbecue, music and cigar make Havana so special.

  1. Lisbon, Portugal: Lisbon, the capital of Portugal offers a unique mix of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture that often is contrasted with chic postmodern buildings. Lisbon is equally gorgeous and modern. As one of the oldest cities in the world it offers a unique diversity of culture along with traditional Portuguese taste.

  1. Chefchaouen, Morocco: This small Moroccan city is full of houses with impressive blue painting all over. It is a laid-back city that provides nice refreshments to travelers from nearby crowded metros like Marrakech and Fez. A city showcasing the traditional life of Moroccans make some refreshing memories.

  1. Lucerne, Switzerland: This small city in the southern Switzerland just sits on the pristine Lake Lucerne overlooking the Swiss Alps. It looks spectacularly Swiss to watch the snow capped mountains over the pristine blue lake. The city also offers marvellous Jesuit baroque style church dating back to the seventeenth century.

  1. Medellin, Colombia: Medellin located in the Aburrá Valley overlooking the green mountains has rose to popularity for adventure sports recently. You will find the sky of the Medellin dotted with colours of paragliders afloat in air.  Apart from indulging into paragliding you must visit the Plaza Botero park which houses 23 open air sculptures by famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

  1. Isfahan: If you want to immerse in a typical oriental and true romantic atmosphere Isfahan in Iran is the city to visit. It is a beautiful city on the banks of the Zayandeh River. The must visit attractions include Imam Mosque boasting off beautiful calligraphy and symmetry and the finest Islamic architecture of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. Local handicrafts are also very well known.

  1. Quebec City, Quebec: Quebec City with its gorgeous cobblestone walkways and well-kept 17th-century architectures is given a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. Located on the banks of the St. Lawrence River offers several grand architectures including the famous Chateau Frontenac.