The users of this site, especially the authors, are to be bound by the following Terms of Use (TOS). These guidelines should be strictly followed

1. General

1.1 The articles should be over 500 words. The longer the better for us.

1.2  Per our new policy, this blog no longer welcomes any content related to sex, dating, sexual gestures, sexually explicit or even sexual health including images and/or videos, casinos, gambling, poker and the like.

1.3 Your articles should be furnished with relevant images and links.

1.4 All the images you add to your post MUST be hosted on our server. Use the Add Media button to upload your images. We do not like hot-linking to images.

1.5 Use the default formatting of the posts. Do not add any <p> OR <span> OR <strong> elements in your article. Proof-read the content and remove all those tags.

1.6 Please use the default settings when you upload an image to the post. Do not add links or captions when you upload the media. Just use the default settings.

1.7 Add images in the body of the post is discouraged. The featured image is sufficient.

1.8 No part of your articles should be in bold text. If you need to emphasize on a particular text or phrase, you can do this but never bold any sub-heads or any links.

1.9 You agree to double check your content before you submit to this blog. Grammar, formatting of the posts and placement of the images should be good and worth-understanding.

1.10 Make the sub-heads under H3 tags instead of using other header tags (like H1, H2, H4 and so) or making them bold.

2. Content

2.1 You’re believed to follow good guest blogging ethics while publishing the articles. You can submit as many posts as you wish with virtually no bars at all. However, make sure your content is relevant, have value and have relevant links in them with relevant images.

2.2 You cannot reproduce the articles anywhere on the web under any circumstances once they are published in this blog.

2.3 You give us the right to edit your articles to our requirements or delete them altogether from the blog if they are found irrelevant, highly promotional in nature, contain bad post-formatting or do not make sense at all.

2.4 You need to mix your links with other links that are relevant to the content. You can add as many links as you want in any part of the articles. However, you need to make sure they all make some sense in the post; else they will be removed from the posts. Please note article with just one link may be removed or your account maybe deactivated immediately.

2.5 You agree not to pitch in any affiliate links leading to a product sales page anywhere in the content.

2.6 You are requested to share your published articles in your social media channels.

2.7 We shall have the rights to attribute any link no-follow if any of these guest posts guidelines are not strictly followed.

2.8 All your submitted articles may not be manually reviewed due to our busy schedule. Hence, your author discretion will be highly sought after. You cannot, however, misuse this privilege and submit articles which do not pertain to the core subject of this blog and/or which are completely irrelevant and promotional in nature. Feel free to mail us  if you have any confusion about the topics.

3. Account Deactivation or Deletion

Your account may be deactivated or deleted –

3.1 if your email address no longer holds a valid G-Rated Gravatar Image;

3.2 if your articles tend to ignore the core subject of this multi-blog system;

3.3 if any part of the content including images or videos is related to Sex or sexual gestures or indication, (even sexual health);

3.4 if your articles conform to non-acceptable topics;

3.5 if you are inactive on the site for a long time.

3.6 if your articles need too much of editing (like grammar errors, disallowed HTML elements, and etc.);

3.7 if you’re no longer following the points mentioned in the General Section;

Some More points to note

3.8 Articles posted under the deactivated/deleted accounts or the links in those articles can be removed permanently.

3.9 Accounts kept under deactivated mode for more than one month may be removed without any email notification. So, please send us a mail to keep your account active (if you receive any deactivation email) if you wish to remain a blogger on our blog.

Thank you once again for your interest in contributing to this blog. We’d expect you to be a regular author on this blog. For others, feel free to reach us.