The only thing that truly differentiates a man from a woman are physical predispositions and you simply cannot deny biology, nor the results at the Olympics for that matter. That is why men were generally hunters in untamed prehistoric environments, set out to find food and resources for the tribe, while women managed households and kept families and communities intact. Today, this may seem like somewhat of a sexist remark, but not a lot of people realize that these inborn roles define us much differently than we are actually led to condescendingly believe in these modern times.

Power of Woman

The whole concept that women took care of households is offensive to many supporters of emancipation, but those skills are what made them adept at ruling to begin with. In fact, whenever a woman was at the helm of a nation, it has thrived like no other. Queen Elizabeth I led England to a Golden Age and rebirth, Cleopatra saved Egypt from the all-conquering Romans with a cunning use of diplomacy and wits, while Empress Theodora was beyond doubt one of the most powerful and influential figures in Byzantine history. So why has male vanity prevented women from having leading positions, or at least allowed them to stand side by side?

Let the numbers speak

The Wall Street is a perfect example of that inequality, even though female traders have proved themselves to be fierce competitors and immensely smart players. Unfortunately, they constitute around 15% of traders in investment banks, while the situation at major hedge funds is much worse. Men just love to elbow their way to success and do not shy away from taking risks. However, that bravado compels men to break rules, too, which can put them in an awkward position, resulting in much higher losses than anticipated.

Financial Skills COO David Hesketh claimed: ”We found that men take more risk than women. That would be fine if they also made more money – but they don’t. Interestingly, the women also traded fewer times than the men.  In a world where every cost matters, reducing a bank’s brokerage costs would be a helpful contribution. The data suggests that if you choose to employ men over women, you will make less money using more capital, you will have higher transaction costs and you will need a more robust risk and compliance team.

Which are options for women

The Wall Street is a vast market where people can make (and lose) money in all sorts of manners. The market segments are determined by the type of financial instruments; more stringent reporting, quality and disclosure requirements; liquidity providing; trading system and type trading; and the markets themselves. A lot of women have part-time jobs on such markets and they receive their well-earned pays, for instance, via binary options (see more info).

It is a turbulent world out there and no one has a full-proof recipe which guarantees success, but there are some traits where women simply show more promise than men when it comes to dealing with money and finances. Despite the relative lack of confidence regarding these matters, that does not necessarily make them any less knowledgable about the subject. It just means that they will approach things in a more thoughtful manner.

Consequently, they are able to outperform men in many aspects such as admitting ignorance, asking for help and advice, setting specific goals, doing more “homework” and practicing caution. Overestimating your own abilities, knowledge and future prospects can ultimately lead to making a lot of mistakes and men tend to do that more often than women, especially when money is involved.