If you are going to hire a bouncy castle or jumping castle for the very first time, then you may not know much about the quality standards, which is set for their safety. Therefore, assessing the serviceability and reliability of the bouncy castle hire agencies might become a challenging task for you. To play safe, you should just check whether the inflatable operator that you have considered taking the service from an affiliate member of the BIHA. BIHA (British Inflatable Hirers Alliance) is the organization of inflatable play items manufacturers/hirers in the UK and the Alliance aims to make each and every bouncy castle business a professional and profitable one. In order to materialize its objectives, the Alliance devised a Code of Conduct years ago which is amended every year and falls in line with UK rules and regulations pertaining to consumer safety and protection.

bihaTo make enjoyment in bouncy castle safer and have a standard rule to make the castle business smoother and easy going BIHA or British Inflatable Hirers Alliance has made the code of conducts to follow. What you have to check the inflatable device operator should be the member of the BIHA, a standard association of inflatable play devices. This association has amended a code of conduct, recently to implement more strict safety policies.

What Is BIHA?

To make the bouncy castle business more profitable and professional the BIHA and its forum is made. It makes them run a safe business. The Local authorities, the corporate and the public will be helped to read the testimonials and can claim the discount of up to 30% on the PL insurance as well as £5 Million coverage for £1 Million i.e. £300 is saved by one member on the yearly premiums for PL insurance.

Here are some good reasons to hire a company that abides by the BIHA Code of Conduct.

  • Professional ethics are followed:  BIHA has made every single rule for the bouncy castle operator and also for the consumers. The code of conduct gives every rule that an operator must give to the consumer which is written and a consumer can get a basic troubleshooting guidelines as well. The renowned bouncy castle operators have these rulebooks of thumb sincerely and make it beneficial for the consumers.  You can find a number of London Bouncy Castle Hire agencies that are BIHA certified.
  • PAT tested electrical equipment: All the members of the BIHA have to supply the customer with PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) which is the testing equipment of the electrical including extension winders and blowers etc. BIHA is giving a guideline how to install the RCDs (Receiver-Carrier Detectors) supplied by the operators. The strict rule should be maintained by the operators in case of electrical equipment because these will be beneficial for the children having enjoyment in bouncy castle and make them safe.
  • PIPA tested castles are supplied: The members of the BIHA should always hire the castles which are PIPA approved castle house and the members must not break the regulations. The reputed companies of bouncy castle must be PIPA tested and approved. The PIPA inspectors are trained professionally and they inspect and check the inflatable castle unit thoroughly. The castle business holder should hire the PIPA inspectors to have inspection of the bouncy castle after certain interval.

Now it is the matter how to find a company that is following the terms and condition of BIHA? One of the affiliated members of BIHA should give details of membership list on the website that the customer can surf the site and can know everything about the bouncy castle companies.