Improvising / experimenting in the bedroom can make your sex life more exciting and bring you closer together with your partner.  You might have been thinking about using a sex toy with your partner, but you are not quite sure how to introduce the idea into the relationship. You may be wondering, “Will my partner think I am strange or too kinky for using this toy? Will it scare them away? Will it make them feel uncomfortable?”

If you are not sure how your partner would react to using a sex toy, here are some ways that you can bring up the subject and begin your sexual adventures together.


Know What You Are Talking About

In order to introduce the idea of sex toys to your lover, you should first be knowledgeable on what types of options are available out there. From vibrators to dildos to erection rings, there are a lot of devices to choose from which will tickle, buzz and stimulate both of you in wonderful ways. If you have done your research you will be able to describe the different types to your partner and explain how they work so that you can choose something you will both enjoy.

The best place for someone new to sex toys to do this research is online. You will be able to find all of the information you need without getting embarrassed by asking a sales person in a shop. Look at lots of different adult toy websites and read about how each toy works and what it does.

Drop Some Hints

Now it’s time to put a few subtle ideas into your partners head about incorporating sex toys into the bedroom. For example, if you are shopping and you walk past a store in the mall that sells sex toys you can make a comment on this display in the window. Saying something like, “Oooh.. Look at that, I wonder what that would feel like when we were doing X,” will get your partner thinking about using a sex toy while being intimate with you. Look closely at their face when you drop these hints and judge their reaction. Do they seem disturbed, or do they have a naughty smile and seem excited? This will let you know whether or not they are interested.

Bring Up the Topic

After dropping a couple of hints and gauging their reaction, you can bring up the topic of sex toys with your partner when you are in a comfortable atmosphere. Ask them if they have ever thought of getting a sex toy to play with in the bedroom and whether or not the idea turns them on.

They might have questions, which you will be able to answer because you have already done your research. If your partner is male and feels intimidated by the thought of you using a large dildo, make sure that they know it doesn’t mean that they are lacking. Perhaps you could start with using a small clitoral vibrator during sex to enhance stimulation for both of you.

Go Shopping Together

If your partner is willing to give sex toys a try, congratulations! You are about to have a lot of erotic fun! You can build the excitement of the situation by shopping for that special toy together. Take some time together looking at all of the options online and choosing the one that excites you both the most. You can also pick up some lubricant to make the experience more pleasurable and some special toy cleaner for your new device.

Now that you have successfully introduced sex toys into your relationship, your sex life will reach new levels of pleasure between you and your partner!

If you would like to give Sex toys a try but aren’t sure how your partner will react, here are some tips for introducing them into the relationship.