We know what you’re thinking, round is a shape. Ah, but is it the shape that you want to be or would you rather look like one of your idols. It doesn’t happen overnight you know, even for them. Take the actors who play Marvel superhero actors as an example. What in the world do they feed them? They go from having a flabby belly to a six pack and bulging muscles in a matter of months. The answer is that they go on a strict training routine, and you should follow in their footsteps. If you want to get fit, here is the best way to do it.

1. Start An Exercise Routine

It is your choice what type of exercise you do, but we have got some suggestions. You could start off by going for a light walk after work. After a few days, try to build it up and turn it into a speed walking exercise. Speed walking is excellent for burning off calories, but if you want to get toned, build it up to a steady jog. Once you start coming home in a sweat, your exercise routine will have begun to work its magic.


Or, you can try doing few exercises before work. You do not need any equipment or skill to do this. In fact, you probably did these exercises when you were back in school so it will be a pleasant blast from the past. Try some star jumps and a couple sit-ups. The trick to sit-ups is to anchor your feet at first, but then keep them on the floor without an anchor. That way you will be only using your stomach muscles to lift your torso off the ground. It is harder to do, but you will see results quicker this way.

2. Take An Example From The Celebs

You didn’t think we were serious about how the celebs do it, did you? While they may want people to believe it is all down to exercise and diet, you can not get that effect in that shorter time. They must be cheating. We know people like Dwayne Johnson, “experimented” with juicing in his youth. But we also think some of those celebrities who suddenly bring out an exercise DVD are pushing believability. We think they probably using some kind of ulterior method. You could do the same. hCG drops are one proven way to lose weight when you take them with your regular food. You can even get different flavours and order hCG drops online, so it is quite convenient. But, remember if you take anything like this, be sure to research it thoroughly before you purchase.

3. Diet, Diet, Diet

Obviously, if you are trying to lose weight exercise will rarely be enough, particularly if you have a slow metabolism. You will need to adjust your diet as well. But, that is easy to do, and we are not suggesting you halve your intake. Just make sure you are only eating three meals a day and cut out the rubbish in between. You can also consider using an app to count the amount of calories in your diet.

We hope you found this advice helpful. Remember, anyone can have the perfect body as long they put the effort in. Good luck!