Mumbai , the financial and entertainment capital of India is one of the major Indian cities where people come from distant places to fulfill their dreams. But your dreamland can also become a nightmare for you. Just like some other metropolises, Mumbai is also on hotlist of being haunted and it is certified by Paranormal Society of India.

MAHIM-Nasserwanj wadi:

Just near Mahim railway station a place called Nasserwanj wadi is situated and is believed to be a dreadful haunted place. According to the natives, the owner of the place was burnt alive with utmost brutality. The local people avoid to go anywhere during night. People believes that whoever goes out at night get possessed by the Spirit or gets tormented if anyone dares to cross the path where the owner was killed.

As the legend goes, the owner of property was parsi by origin and his name was Nasser. He was burnt alive brutally in the cabin just near the well while is situated near the compound. The killer died 16 years ago but the parsi owner still stroll down the street and guards his property from evils. He torments anyone who crosses his periphery. According to some sources seven people lost their life just in one year span just after the death of the parsi owner. The well was concealed by rubble but it is of no use actually.

KEMPS CORNER-Grand Paradi Towers, 8th floor:

Jinx apartment is well known to all who lives in Mumbai. A couple named Vasudev and Tara Dalai committed suicide from their flat. Their allegation was against their son and his wife. After seven years the remaining three members of the family (the son and his wife including their college going daughter) jumped off from the same balcony and gave their lives. Another report came up where it is said that a maid also committed suicide. According to sources almost 20 people died due to fatal accidents or suicides even before the building was constructed in 1976. Victims were children, maids etc. People are so scared to buy that flat that it still remains vacate .


COLABA-Taj Mahal Hotel:

The architect of the Taj Mahal hotel committed suicide here. And from that very incident its a haunted place. It is believed that the spirit roam around their and scares the people. His habitat is in the old wing of the hotel. The architect was very disappointed and mentally disturbed when he found his design was interpreted wrongly and the entrance gate was in the wrong side. According to guests many have seen him roaming in my hotel corridor in the wee hour but fortunately he is not harmful.

JUHU-Pawan Hans Quarters:

It is one of the most haunted places in Mumbai. You can find peepal tree which are almost century old in Juhu. The residents of Juhu claims that a spirit of a 20 year old girl named Salma lives there. The girl set herself into fire by pouring kerosene on her body in 1989. A Catholic resident named Anthony D’Souza felt her presence strongly and hence to protect the people living there he built a hanuman mandir. It is said that he got the order to built the mandir in his dreams. On every full moon night, the residents still sees the girl running and her clothes are on fire and suddenly she disappears in trees.


KAMATHIPURA-Brothel no.25:

In late 1700s a place called Kamathipura started its journey and usually the British used to visit there. Previously it was named as White Gully. Here women were brought from European countries and Japan and were imported here. If you ever go there you will see British styled brothels and the theater named Alexander. It is a red light district. But the haunted one was no.25-the Colaba queens, hotel G-9, and oo7. It is believed that a prostitute of British period appears here at night to capture or startle customers who are potential.


Situated in South Mumbai at Malabar hills. It is cemetery for the Parsis. According to the Parsi or Zoroastrian culture, the dead body is left for the vultures so that they can feed on it. They believe through this process they can again return to nature. The road adjacent to the cemetery is eerie and disolated and travelers avoid this road during night and the place has become famous for hanging out for the ghosts.