Babies may look incredibly peaceful while they are sleeping. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can pose a great deal of danger to your little one. Though on the decline, SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is a frightening reality faced by many parents. Experts, however, have found numerous ways to avert SIDS.

All parents do their best to make sure that their babies are safe. Sometimes, however, it is the most innocent seeming detail that is the most dangerous. Follow these tips to make sure that you keep your little one as secure as possible:

How to Keep Your Baby Safe While Sleeping

Use Technology

There are many wonderful brands such as Oricom that have made leaps and bounds when it comes to monitoring your baby. These are as traditional as baby monitors. These can be video or audio monitors that will enable you to keep a constant check on your little one while they nap. There are also more advanced ones such as breathing movement monitors. This way, in the event of a breathing issue, you will be immediately notified and woken up. You will be able to sleep safer at night knowing that your baby is being constantly monitored.

Sleep Alone

It can be tempting to want to snuggle up to your little one. They may even not fall asleep unless they are tucked beside you. If you really want to make sure that your infant is safe, you should not ever share a bed with them. Always make sure to put them in their crib before you go to sleep yourself. Do this regardless of how many times you have to get up to check on your baby. It is very easy to roll over onto your baby while sleeping.

Back to Sleep

A very important thing that all parents need to know is regarding the sleeping position of their baby. You should always make sure that your infant falls asleep on their back. Sleeping on their side or their tummy is very dangerous for babies. Even if your baby is prone to reflux or spits up in their sleep, make sure that they sleep on their back. This eliminates many health hazards usually associated with sleeping babies.

Keep it Sparse

Parents want to make sure that their baby is as comfortable as possible. This is why they load up their infant’s crib with pillows, blankets, toys, and bumpers. All of this could actually be doing a lot more harm than good. When your little one is sleeping, they should be sleeping in a sparse crib. They do not need a blanket to keep them warm, adjust the room temperature instead. You should also not have a pillow, they do not need one to be comfortable. Make sure that there is only a fitted sheet covering the mattress and that there are no toys littered about.

Firm Surfaces

When choosing a crib mattress, make sure that it is a firm one. Even when putting your baby down for a nap, make sure to never do it on a couch or any other soft surface. While they may seem more comfortable, they actually pose quite the threat to your infant. Avoid springy surfaces or ones that spread when your little one is placed on them.

These are the most important things you need to know about putting your baby to sleep. Take the necessary steps and you can be a lot more confident about your baby’s safety while sleeping.