A corporate office doesn’t need to look boring and uncomfortable; office spaces now need to focus on fostering creativity and building an environment that is conducive for work.

Times have changed and collaborative creativity is what almost every company aims to achieve. If you are designing your office space for the first time or planning to reinvent it with some cool tips, you have come to the right place.

We have handpicked some of the best and most creative suggestions that will transform your office space for the better and improve employee productivity. Take a look:

Encourage Open Spaces

Look up the design of all successful corporate buildings; what you will notice is they encourage open spaces where a lot of interactions take place. Instead of confining the area by creating a maze of cabins, open up the venue and divert traffic through this area.

This will encourage people from different teams to meet each other, share their ideas on the go and keep the atmosphere lively throughout the day. For offices with a staircase, it’s good to go with a wide one, rather than two small staircases. Keep your work place as open as possible, which will make employees feel at ease, energetic and not suffocate in small cubicles.

Personalized Desks

When choosing your office furniture, make sure you go for non-conventional ones. A wide range of chairs and desks are available and you can pick the one that perfectly meets your needs and requirements.

You can choose to go with furniture that has a pure white design – a great pick for companies that use Macs. Similarly, you can go with colors that are specific to your company’s logo. A colorful office space promotes happiness and allows employees to unleash their creativity.

Similarly, let employees personalize their desks. The idea is to help employees feel extremely comfortable while working on their desks. This comfort factor will decrease their work pressure, allowing them to perform their duties faster and more efficiently.

No More One Person per Desk

Most corporates have already adopted this policy. If you haven’t, it’s time you get rid of the idea and walk into the future. Having one person per desk is as old as the hills now.

Make sure your desk size is enough for two or more people. This not only allows employees to easily interact with one another but also creates more space to incorporate creative designs. People from different teams can sit together at long desks without cubicles, which ensures ideas are shared as and when they pop up. Besides, the design allows managers to easily convey information without having to formally invite everyone to the conference room.

Create Urban Zones

Every office needs to have an urban zone where employees can catch up and talk in person. The privacy and comfort level found in the café or rest zone will rejuvenate them. In a survey, employees opined that urban zones act as a stress buster and allow them to feel at ease even though they are at work.

You can seek help from a professional supplier to buy the necessary furniture. A comprehensive store such as AC Fitouts will allow you to purchase all the equipment and materials that you need to innovatively design your office spaces. The seller offers creative design ideas and also provides professional service to help bring the desired sophistication to your workspace.

Be Natural

Being close to nature always has a slew of advantages. When you are designing your new office, consider using acrylic or glass materials in select locations. The materials will allow direct sunlight to pass through and it will help employees feel refreshed.

Sitting inside congested spaces with artificial lighting throughout the day is not favorable for the employee from the health point of view, and it acts as a bottleneck that prevents ideas from getting through.

A collaborative office is all about promoting free thinking that allows employees to nurture ideas together or alone, based on the requirement. Once you have a clear idea of what you plan to do, browse through the materials, accessories and design solutions available on the market. You can easily avail them at affordable prices and create an impressive design, irrespective of how big or small your office is.