best-hair-dryer-reviewsHair dryers have become indispensable tools in every woman’s bathroom. Nearly all members of the family use them to dry their hair or even create beautiful hairstyles on holidays. Think of your hair dryer as your beauty ally that, choosen well, might be your savior for many years to come. Supermarkets and retail stores are full of countless models and brands, and this makes it hard to pick the right hair dryer. We’ll help you determine the most important criteria that make this hair dryer better than that. Read on!

First important factor: Heat

We recommend you choose a hairdryer offering at least 2 heat settings: one hot and one cold. The ability to adjust the drying temperature is very important because it limits the potential of damage. Indeed, excessive heat can damage the scalp. We recommend using hot air when drying to get a successful blow-dry. The cold air option will be perfect for finishing your hairstyle.

Some hairdryers are equipped with the “Turbo” option which allows for faster drying, in minutes. However, it is not recommended to use this method on a daily basis, because it is too aggressive for the hair. Also, it increases your energy consumption and inflates your electricity bill!

Second important factor: Speed

The best thing to do is to choose a hair dryer featuring multiple variable speed settings.

Depending on the model, the power of your hair dryer can range from 1300 to 2200 watts. But be careful, very powerful hair dryers do not necessarily guarantee the best results if they do not suit your type of hair. Please note that there are hair dryers for fine hair and other hair dryers for curly hair. On the contrary, too less powerful hair dryers will make the drying process harder as it will take longer to get done. That’s why we recommend that you choose a hair dryer with a minimum power of 1,700 watts.

Third important factor: Handling

Successful blow-drying can prove to be a long and tedious work, and taming your mane sometimes takes a longer time. It is therefore important to check how a hair dryer feels in your hand and how much it weighs. In fact, holding a blow-dryer at arm’s length can quickly become tiresome if it is heavy.

Fourth important factor: The Ionic Technology

If you have rebel frizz, we strongly recommend that you purchase an Ionic hair dryer. With this technology, the static created from positive ions are neutralized by negative ions blown from the hair dryer in form of tiny of water droplets. Furthermore, with the Ionic technology, the hair drying time is cut remarkably. You will be able to keep your hair healthy and give it lasting shine.

For best results, we recommend choosing an Ionic hair dryer also featuring ceramic or tourmaline technologies. Indeed, ceramic ensures a soft and homogeneous heat distribution to prevent damaging your hair due to overheating. As for tourmaline, it helps to fight against static accumulating opposite electrical charges on both ends of the hair dryer.

Good to know: most professional hair dryers are manufactured with the Ionic technology. However, the price is still higher than conventional models. Make sure to check the quality of the tool as, sometimes, a classic hair dryer can be quite enough if you just want to dry your hair.

Fifth important factor: Accessories

The essential accessories for your hair dryer are concentrators, at least two:

  • A concentrator, also called “nozzle” will be very convenient when blow-drying. Different thicknesses are available: a large nozzle is ideal for thick and long hair while a fine nozzle will be ideal for short, thin or highlighted hair.
  • A diffuser, recommended for damaged hair, blows warm air gently and evenly.

Other small details also make a difference: a removable filter with narrow holes (to better retain dust and particles), a non-slip rubberized handle, cord length