Do you like coffee to the extent where it is a part of your daily routine? Do you need coffee to start you day? Coffee is a habit of many people and sometimes can exceed several cups a day. You should try to limit yourself to two cups a day because the caffeine present in the coffee can negatively affect your dental health.

Negative impacts of coffee on your teeth:

Teeth Staining

The color of coffee is dark, which can stain your teeth. It can turn your teeth yellowish in color. Coffee contains tannins, which is a type of polyphenol. It causes color compounds and leaves a residue on your teeth. It is very important to restrict the amount of coffee consumption. If you already have coffee stains, you can get rid of them by taking proper care of your teeth. Regular brushing and flossing can help you in reducing the stains as well as a teeth cleaning by your dentist.

Damage Tooth Enamel

Coffee is also an acidic drink and this is why drinking large amounts of coffee can damage your tooth enamel. After your enamel is weakened, it loses its natural layer that works as protection. This can lead to further damage of your teeth. Avoid these problems by limiting your coffee intake this problem or drink through a straw to avoid the direct contact of coffee with your teeth. Another thing to keep in mind is to rinse your mouth immediately after drinking coffee.

Teeth Clenching

If you drink a lot of coffee on daily basis, it may increase stress level and disturb your sleep. The habit of consuming coffee before bedtime would cause teeth clenching while you sleep. Teeth clenching can cause jaw pain and pain in your teeth. Thus, it is always advisable to have coffee in less measure because it reduces the stress level. If you have less stress, you would avoid the problem of teeth clenching.

Bad Breath

Drinking coffee can decrease the amount of saliva in your mouth which leads to the growth of bacteria. This can cause bad breath because of dry mouth and presence of bacteria. You can use PeriActive by Izun Pharma, which is an effective oral rinse to keep the bacteria away from your mouth.

Gum Diseases

Caffeine leads to the presence of bacteria in your mouth, which also generates plaque. The presence of plaque can irritate your soft gum tissues that cause redness, swelling, and inflammation related to periodontal diseases.

If you are a coffee addict, you can still take care of your teeth by following a few tips:

• If you drink more than 2 cups of coffee, try to brush your teeth after every extra cup than advisable.

• Rinse off your mouth immediately after drinking coffee to avoid the growth of harmful bacteria.

• If you are facing serious teeth related issues, consult your dentist and follow the further treatment.

• Flossing can help you to remove all the harmful substances that are difficult to remove while brushing. It would help to clean that area of your teeth which toothbrush and even mouthwash cannot clean.

Have happy coffee hours but keeping the points said above!