Children today are less physically active than those twenty years ago. Schools are reporting higher numbers of obese children and children with diabetes than ever before. As a parent, you want your child to be happy and healthy so get them up and moving. If you are at a loss as to what to do, there are a number of resources available to you: check out a local learning center or talk to other parents. Here are a few ideas to try out.

familybikeride (1)

Playing in the Yard

Set up a volleyball net or badminton net and spend the afternoon outside as a family. The time spent together playing will become a deeply fond memory for your children as they grow older. Not only will you set a tone for physical health, but you will take steps to insure mental and emotional stability as well.

Family Bike Rides

Invest in bicycles for the entire family. Set aside time in the evenings before dark to ride as a family or head to a park on a Saturday. Either way the experience will be a healthy one for you and your children.

Take a Hike

Head out on a Saturday for a nature area and go for a family hike. Your children will get not only exercise, but develop a level of respect for the beauty of nature.


Another any day activity the whole family will enjoy. Whether you have a backyard pool or head to a lake or beach, swimming is a great aerobic activity for everyone.

Just Walk

In the evening after dinner, take a walk around the neighborhood. This activity will also promote family closeness as it gives you a chance to spend time with your children without distraction.

Dance Party

Turn off the TV and cell phones. Put on some music and dance away the stress. Dancing as a family can be pure, unadulterated fun for all.

Start a Family Garden

A family garden that everyone is responsible for will keep your children busy and active. Make time every day to spend time in the garden watering plants, pulling weeds, and talking as a family.

Play Frisbee

Head outside and throw that Frisbee around. This one is easy, yet challenging and your children will enjoy it.


Bad weather can often put a stop to physical activity. Don’t let it drag your family down. When you are stuck inside, break out Twister and get ready for active, family fun.

Jump Rope

Another bad weather opportunity for exercise is the old stand-by of jump rope. Make a family rule that while watching television no one can sit still during commercials. When a commercial comes on, everyone jumps rope until your show comes back on.

The possibilities for family fitness are endless and limited only by your imagination. Family activity will keep you and your children happy and healthy for many years to come.