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How Boutique Hotels Came to Stay

There are run-me-down highway-side motels, and there are the Hyatts and the Sheratons. But the age of Pinterest and visual aesthetics has brought forth another form of residence, boutique hotels. So what are these miniature, stylish places, and when did they come into being? The


7 Natural Ways to Tame Bad Smells

Keeping your house clean is a constant chore. And even when it is clean, a fresh and pleasant smell is still what fulfills a neat house to be called a comfortable and livable home. To get rid and tame bad smells, here are some easy


Create a Vintage-Style Bedroom

The modern design is mostly all about minimalistic furniture, straight lines and earthy shades of colors, combined with white and black. However, that is not something that just everybody wants. If you are a little bit romantic and you like the charm of the old


Tips to Natural Face Rejuvenation  

It is no secret we all want our skin to stay elastic and young as long as possible. This can easily be accomplished through plastic surgery and various cosmetic treatments, yet if you are no fan of artificial methods and you’d rather go for natural