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Vadapav VadaPav is apopular Indian street snack that is both filling and tasty. This snack is probably the Indian version of the American burgers. The spicy filling of the aloo balls coupled with the hot and savory chili garlic sauce makes this snack a delectable

Black Metal Earring

Earrings That Bring Joy to a Woman’s Heart

There are two types of women- those who love dolling up and those who don’t. In either ways, who will hardly find a woman who does not love earrings, especially if they are designed to tell a story. So if you are actually looking for


Wild thing I think I love you

The main character Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) a high school student is forced into a world of the supernaturally savage in the hit series Teen Wolf. This show is nothing like some of us remember in the cult classic movie with Michael J Fox (circa


Improve Your Child’s Sleep with Fatty Acids

Sleep is an important element of a healthy life. A healthy sleep pattern in children helps a lot in developing their overall health and physical fitness. If your child is suffering from sleep problems, do not directly get him on medication; instead try home remedies